What did veteran linebacker Will Compton say in his retirement speech? Looking back on his NFL career

It is a hard pill to swallow for most NFL fans that their beloved players, regardless of position, have to retire from their careers at some point. Football is a challenging career which brings a positive effect for more young athletes to take over the sports world. 

Retirement after years of dedication, hard work and sacrifices is not so easy for linebacker Will Compton who played in three different NFL teams, achieving an excellent career in his position.

What did Will Compton say in his retirement speech?

Having said this, on a normal Sunday, NFL linebacker Will Compton delivered an unexpected surprise for his fans on his “X” twitter account, announcing a sudden retirement. Check out what he said in his retirement speech below, online.

As viewers can see, the American LB mentioned, “Today is bittersweet, as I’d like to mention my retirement”. We can see the famous linebacker has to make a tough decision not only for himself, but for the entire team as well. 

“But it has always been a goal of mine to walk away from this game before walking it away from me.”Compton mentioned before that he walked away from the game that he is “arguably on top of”. The man couldn’t be more proud.

 In his retirement speech, Titans Linebacker shared his first time in the practice field and afterwords made a special tribute to athletes calling them “legends”. The following lucky football athletes are retired athlete Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson, Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch. 

“When I look back at my career, it’s been incredible,” the proud Veteran Linebacker appreciated being part of the team between famous NFL teams of Titans NFL teams of Titans and Raiders. 

Furthermore, Will gave special thanks to his loved ones, mentors, teachers for shaping out his career and supporting him throughout his vocation. 

To his wife, Charo, Compton considered her as “that rock” mentioning how she supported and stood by his side on the days he was doubting himself the most. He later on gave thanks to his late mother, Kathy Compton and his dad, Bill Compton, for being his foundation. 

Compton’s coaches and appreciated their contributions of shaping him into a player, a man that he is today. Coaches such as PJ Jones, Bo Pelini, Mike Ekeler, John Papuchis, James Dawson and many more were given a special thanks. 

The Raiders Linebacker had also gave special thanks to his teammates, informing that he will miss them and the memories they all made together. Indeed, it is a sad day for the favorite Linebacker’s fans and himself. 

Last but not the least, he gave a shout out to his fans for embracing him as he is. 

“But it’s that relentless pursue of the forgotten that craft the chapters of history. Thank you for preparing me for the life after Football.”, Will walked off from the Camera after saluting.

Will Compton’s NFL highlights 

After an upsetting goodbye, Let’s appreciate the NFL Highlights of the Athlete. 

Will Compton played 9 – arguably 10 seasons – with various NFL legends such as Titans, Raiders and Redskins. Remarkably, he has 210 tackles, 148 assists, 1.4 recoveries and 3 interceptions, covered 31 yards! In his last season, Retired Linebacker had 0 tackles, 1 assisted tackle in 2 games.

In an interview two months ago, you can catch Will providing his own opinion on his NFL career so far. Bussin’ with the boys uploaded a full, one hour length interview with Will Compton on his day of retirement.

We wish the man good luck for his new life after the sports and thank you for contributing good amount of hard work, time and effort in his football career.


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