Tom Brady confirms NFL retirement plans focusing on broadcasting and family time: “I’m certain I’m not playing again”

After a remarkable career, Tom Brady has officially declared that he is not going to play ever again. Despite his announcement, rumors of him making a comeback never really went away. 

However, in a recent interview, Brady made it clear that he will not return to the league as an active player. Instead, he is going to embark on new ventures.

Tom Brady confirms NFL retirement

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Brady was asked about his potential comeback and he stated clearly that he is not going to play again. 

He told Sports Illustrated: “I am certain I am not playing again. I have tried to make that clear and I hate to profess that because I have already told people that lots of times.”

Tom Brady’s post-retirement plan

He shared that he is excited about his role as a broadcaster with Fox Sports next year. Brady had allegedly signed a $375 million deal with Fox Sports, “I’m looking forward to my broadcasting job at Fox next year.”

In addition to his broadcasting role, he will also be involved with the Las Vegas Raiders franchise. However, contrary to the rumors, his involvement will not be as an active player but as a minority owner. 

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity ahead with the Raiders, and we’re in the process of that along with the other different things I’m a part of professionally,” he added.

Beyond his professional endeavors, he emphasized the importance of family in his retirement plans, “Just spending as much time with my kids as I can and seeing them grow up and support the different things that they have going on, and that’s a very important job, and I take them all pretty seriously.” 

Tom Brady

As a dedicated father, Brady recognizes the significance of being present in his children’s lives and cherishing the moments as they grow up. This aspect of his retirement highlights his commitment to both his professional and personal responsibilities.

Brady’s illustrious career has been characterized by numerous records, accolades, and Super Bowl victories. As fans bid farewell to his days as a player, the yet-to-be-crowned ‘Hall of Famer’ is expected to entertain his admirers through media presence and other means.

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