“F*cking attention wh*re”: Former Strikeforce champion Josh Thomson launches verbal onslaught on Michael Chandler ahead of Conor McGregor showdown on TUF 31

Michael Chandler has acquired what can be described as an “MMA Jackpot” as he is set to face Conor McGregor in his next bout. The Irishman, who took a break from the octagon for two years, is expected to be making his comeback later this year.

Fans across the MMA universe are filled with anticipation to witness the return of one of UFC’s most prominent figures, and this fight has the potential to shatter numerous financial records within the UFC.

Adding to the excitement surrounding this fight, the airing of The Ultimate Fighter 31 featuring McGregor and Chandler has commenced. Many MMA enthusiasts and analysts are engaged in discussions about the upcoming potential clash between the renowned ‘Notorious’ and ‘Iron’.

Josh Thomson labels Chandler as attention seeker ahead of Chandler vs McGregor

During a recent episode of the ‘WEIGHING IN’ podcast, MMA experts John McCarthy and Josh Thomson engaged in an in-depth conversation about this pivotal bout.

Thomson openly expressed his thoughts on Chandler’s motivations for accepting this fight.

He stated, “A win will set his precedent for him to get to the next level of pay, the next level of competition. He’ll be able to start kind of calling his shots a little bit more amongst the media.”

However, Thomson’s analysis didn’t end there, as he went on to describe Chandler as an “attention seeker”. According to Josh, Michael thrives in the limelight and takes pleasure in engaging with the media.

However, the former UFC fighter did acknowledge that Chandler possesses a captivating charm and is willing to go to great lengths to ensure triumph is such crucial encounters.

Win vs McGregor can elevate Chandler to new heights according to “The Punk”

“One thing I’ve learned about Michael he’s a f*cking attention wh*re. He loves f*cking the media, he loves it. When you have a guy like him, he’ll make up well, he’s a salesman that’s what he is. He will do whatever it takes I think to win this fight this is,” said the former AKA prospect.

A considerable number of fans do not believe that wrestling and grappling are the strongest facets of McGregor’s fighting style.

Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler

Conversely, Chandler has consistently showcased impressive wrestling skills. While ‘Iron’ is typically regarded as a brawler, there is widespread speculation that he will alter his fighting approach when facing McGregor.

During the podcast, Thomson highlighted Chandler’s wrestling prowess and emphasized the importance of McGregor being ready for the grappling aspect of the fight.

Josh stated, “He’s (McGregor) gonna have to work on his wrestling a lot. I know Chandler. I think Chandler will wrestle a little bit. As much as we talk about Chandler being a low-fight IQ fighter, I think he understands a win over Conor is a lot more important than having a loss.”

McGregor has not picked up a win since his fight against Cowboy Cerrone. Do you think the Irish will be able to recapture his past form? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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