Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes launches $140 Impact FLX football shoe with Adidas following the path of Michael Jordan

Patrick Mahomes, the star quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, has recently ventured into the world of footwear with the launch of his new shoe, the Mahomes 1 Impact FLX, in collaboration with Adidas. 

This move is similar to legendary basketball player Michael Jordan, who revolutionized the sneaker industry with his iconic Air Jordan line. Since its release just a day ago, Mahomes’ shoe has been gaining significant attention, particularly within NFL circles.

Patrick Mahomes, Adidas launches their new project like MJ’s Air Jordan

The Mahomes 1 Impact FLX is a variation of the existing Impact FLX series by Adidas. Priced at $140, the shoe is available in seven different colors, with one color scheme dedicated to his daughter, Sterling. The anticipation for this product began when the quarterback shared pictures of his collaboration with Adidas designers on Instagram. Now, the products are finally up for sale.

Patrick Mahomes

It appears that Adidas and Mahomes are striving to recreate the success of the “Nike x Michael Jordan” legacy. Interestingly, this collaboration might be an attempt by Adidas to make up for a mistake they made in the past with another athlete. Adidas famously passed on signing a rookie Michael Jordan, which allowed their fiercest rival, Nike, to secure the NBA superstar’s endorsement.

This decision proved to be a game-changer for Nike, as the Jordan-Nike partnership went on to become one of the most iconic and profitable alliances in the footwear industry.

Mahomes starting early with Adidas just like MJ with Nike

Reflecting on the parallels between Mahomes and Jordan, both athletes entered into major deals with their brands early in their careers to create their own shoe lines. Just as Jordan’s partnership with Nike propelled him to global fame, Mahomes’ rising popularity and success in football could significantly boost the sales of his shoes. 

The question that arises is whether the quarterback will be able to surpass the legacy established by Jordan and Nike. Can he break through the formidable wall of the Jordan-Nike collaboration?

Patrick Mahomes

Time will tell whether Mahomes can create a shoe line that transcends sports and becomes a cultural phenomenon like the Air Jordan line. The influence of Mahomes’ talent, combined with Adidas’ resources and marketing prowess, may just be the winning formula needed to replicate the success of the Jordan-Nike partnership.

Are you interested in foot gear? How would you rate Patrick’s shoe line? Would you fork up $140 dollars for a pair? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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