NBA icon Scottie Pippen’s controversial criticism of Michael Jordan draws brutal backlash from supporters: “Lmao get this man some help man”

Scottie Pippen, former Chicago Bulls great, recently made headlines for his candid statements regarding his co-star Michael Jordan and their time on the field. Pippen expressed dissatisfaction with his portrayal in the Netflix documentary series “The Last Dance” and criticized Jordan’s playing style, calling him a “horrible player” and emphasising his selfishness. While acknowledging their six championships, Scottie Pippen emphasized the significance of collaboration in basketball, implying that no single player can carry a team. These remarks ignited controversy and gave light on the chemistry of one of basketball’s most renowned duos.

What Scottie Pippen’s statement on Michael Jordan?

Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan’s former Chicago Bulls teammate, recently made news for his honest observations about Jordan’s playing style. Pippen highlighted his dissatisfaction with how he was depicted in the Netflix documentary series “The Last Dance” and did not hold back in criticising Jordan’s approach on the court.

“He was a bad player. “He was terrible to play with,” Pippen frankly declared, revealing his own firsthand experience with Jordan. Jordan’s style of play, according to Scottie Pippen, was typically characterised by selfishness, focusing on one-on-one situations, and shooting ill-advised shots. However, Scottie Pippen admitted that after they became a team and began to win, people appeared to forget about Jordan’s former playing style.

Scottie Pippen went on to call LeBron James the greatest statistical player in basketball history. He emphasised the value of teamwork in the game, claiming that no single player can be regarded as the best because basketball is ultimately a team sport. According to Scottie Pippen, no single player can achieve success.

While Pippen’s comments revealed his displeasure with Jordan’s playing style, it’s also vital to recognise the enormous success they accomplished together. Jordan’s individual skill and competitiveness were vital in the Bulls’ six championship wins. Furthermore, despite Pippen’s criticisms, Jordan exhibited a willingness to prioritise team success over individual glory at times.

Scottie Pippen and Jordan’s opposing perspectives reflect the complex relationships that exist within famous partnerships. Pippen’s critiques provide insight into the difficulties he endured while playing alongside Jordan, while also emphasising their unquestionable success as a tandem. Finally, these points of view add to the ongoing dispute over who is the greatest basketball player of all time, igniting disagreement among fans and experts alike.

How NBA fans reacted to Scottie Pippen statement?

Scottie Pippen’s recent remarks on Michael Jordan’s playing style elicited a flood of responses from NBA fans. Pippen’s candid remark that Jordan was a “horrible player” and “horrible to play with” drew a lot of attention and a wide spectrum of reactions online.

Fans were quick to voice their feelings, with many making fun of Pippen’s words. Some fans even connected Pippen’s remarks to the personal dynamics involving Marcus Jordan, Michael’s son, who is dating Pippen’s ex-wife, Larsa.

 One fan said, “Michael Jordan’s son is banging his ex wife and this is how he responds just sad man.”


Another one expressed his shock, “I d ride LeBron like no other but saying MJ was a horrible player is just blasphemy”.

While fans mocked Pippen’s statements, it’s vital to recognise the success he and Jordan earned as a team. Jordan’s individual skill and competitiveness were vital in the Bulls’ six championship wins. Furthermore, Jordan exhibited a willingness to prioritise the success of the team before personal triumphs.

Scottie Pippen also expressed his displeasure with his portrayal in the Netflix documentary series “The Last Dance.” He argued that the documentary allowed Jordan to elevate himself and promote his own legacy. Scottie Pippen argued that the series was more concerned with establishing Jordan’s superiority over LeBron James than with delivering an authentic portrayal of the 1997-98 season and team dynamics.

Fans’ reactions show the continued fascination with the Jordan-Pippen connection and the disputes over their individual contributions to the Bulls’ success. As the discourse progresses, it remains a source of heated debate among NBA fans.


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