Cody Rhodes to face Brock Lesner at Night of Champions despite having a broken arm, HHH confirms

In an unexpected change of events, Cody Rhodes, aka the American Nightmare, who is currently recovering from a broken arm, will square off against the unstoppable Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions. WWE’s Chief Content Officer, Triple H, addressed the concerns surrounding Rhodes’ injury and shed light on the highly anticipated match.

Cody Rhodes

Unyielding Spirit: Cody Rhodes Risks It All to Confront Lesnar Despite Devastating Injury

Rhodes endured a brutal assault from Lesnar backstage during RAW earlier this week. Yet, his unyielding spirit refused to succumb, and he fearlessly confronted the Beast Incarnate later in the show, exacerbating his arm injury. Undeterred, Rhodes dismissed any notion of seeking medical attention and adamantly expressed his desire to engage Lesnar at Night of Champions. Standing tall at the pre-show press conference, the former AEW star reiterated his unwavering determination to face the former Universal Champion, despite the odds stacked against him due to his broken arm. It was then that Triple H, in a decisive moment, announced that the scheduled showdown would proceed as planned, igniting further excitement for the upcoming event.

Michael Cole, displaying a genuine concern for Rhodes’ well-being, questioned Hunter’s decision, emphasizing the risks involved in competing with such a debilitating injury. Nevertheless, the WWE CCO made it unequivocally clear that if Rhodes possessed the heart and tenacity to step into the ring, the match would undeniably transpire as intended. A fascinating backstory between Rhodes and Lesnar unfolded, commencing with their initial encounter, which concluded abruptly when the American Nightmare secured an unexpected rollup victory. However, the tale took a new twist when “The next big Thing” thwarted Rhodes’ chance at securing the World Heavyweight Championship and challenged him to a rematch.

In the Shadow of Adversity: Rhodes’ Herculean Quest against Lesnar

Regrettably, Rhodes will not be at the peak of his physical prowess during their second clash, as Lesnar’s vicious assault left him nursing a broken arm. In the latest episode of Wrestling’s Legion of RAW, veteran Vince Russo postulated that the injury angle was incorporated into the storyline due to Lesnar’s demands: “It makes me wonder if Brock played his trump card and said, ‘This guy cannot defeat me again. I have to emerge victorious against Cody.’ And the only way to accomplish that is by entering the match with a broken arm.” With the Night of Champions bout looming, it seems WWE intends to extend the feud between Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar.

Speculations abound that the duo might engage in another epic confrontation at SummerSlam. If these rumors hold true, it appears highly probable that The Beast Incarnate will emerge triumphant at WWE’s illustrious event in Saudi Arabia. Intrigue fills the air as Night of Champions approaches, with fans eagerly anticipating the clash between the resilient Cody Rhodes and the indomitable Brock Lesnar. Will the American Nightmare defy the odds and emerge victorious, or will the Beast Incarnate prove his dominance once again? Only time will reveal the fate that awaits these two warriors in the unforgiving ring.

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