Mike Tyson shares frame alongside WWE HOF Ric Flair with “Nature Boy” declaring support for Dallas Stars

World Wrestling Entertainment and Mike Tyson have been associated for many years. The illustrious boxer was recently spotted alongside another seasoned sports figure as well as the iconic WWE wrestler Ric Flair.

Inside the cannabis partnership between Mike Tyson and Ric Flair

Mike Tyson, Ric Flair and who else? 

The retired boxer, 56, was watching a hockey game between the Dallas Stars and the Vegas Golden Knights at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. Here is where Iron Mike and Nature Boy posed for a photo.

In their iconic photo together, Tyson and Flair were joined by another sports figure. It’s former Canadian ice hockey player Tie Domi. The image was quite intriguing to fans of various sports, including hockey, boxing, and wrestling.

Iron Mike had a reputation as a huge wrestling fan as he even got into the squared circle several times during his pro boxing career. Hence, it was no surprise that he’d be interested in being in the same frame with the WWE Hall of Famer. 

Tie Domi with The Baddest Man on the Planet, however, was a surprise for fans as many didn’t know Tyson to be a hockey fan. Domi retired in 2006 after 16-years of pro hockey career.

Iron Mike on new WWE sensation Logan Paul

Mike recently revealed specifics about his opinions regarding Logan Paul, the YouTuber-turned-wrestler. Tyson, who made WrestleMania a smash hit among the wrestling fans back in 1998, indicated his desire to be given credit for Logan’s recent wrestling success. 

Though the former heavyweight boxing champion’s career is finished, Tyson asserted that he still has the potential to enter the ring and challenge Logan when asked if he would be interested in wrestling Maverick. Tyson claims that he is the reason why online influencers like Logan Paul are becoming worldwide popular. 

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