Why is KSI called the ‘The Nightmare’? explaining the origin of Youtuber-turned-boxer’s nickname

Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji is a 29 years old gentleman who is known as KSI. The man is a blend of so many talents at the same time, he is a mega social media star, a rapper, and also a professional boxer. KSI managed to shine in every other arena where he kept his toe.

So, it is time to discover some more facts regarding the fighter and have a look at his nickname, his venture collaboration and etc.

Why is KSI called ‘The Nightmare’?

KSI believes he has the potential to create a horrible experience for his opponents when they face him in the ring. Moreover, locking horns with him might haunt the other fighters for the rest of their lives as he considers himself to be a top-notch boxing man capable of ripping off his enemies.

This hype in confidence compelled him to choose ‘Nightmare’ as his nickname.

KSI’s Prime business with Logan Paul

Logan Paul and KSI are enemies turned friends who faced each other in several fighters and ended up becoming business partners. In their first fight, the match ended with a draw and in the second, KSI snatched away the joy of victory.

Inside KSI and Logan Paul's booming Prime business as YouTube sensations  take world by storm - and now worth £18MILLION | The US Sun

They established their company ‘Prime’ energy drinks together in 2022 which literally bloomed as the most demanding drinks around the world. Currently, the net valuation of the company is around £ 18 million but has the potential to enter the billion club in the upcoming future.

The main reason for Prime’s success lies in heavy promotion done by both the YouTube sensations, KSI and Logan. Their fan base accepted their product lovingly making it a high-demanding product across USA and UK.

KSI has become a household name in boxing since he stepped into the ring. However, the fighter still has a long way to go to emerge as powerful as any formidable legend of boxing. Is KSI a good fighter? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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