How did Wrexham co-owner Rob McElhenney’s unusual tradition transform into a one-of-a-kind birthday gift?

Wrexham Association Football Club, the oldest club in Wales and one of the oldest in English football, has a rich legacy and a massive local fan following. Despite this, the club has struggled to advance beyond the lower semi-professional tier of English leagues.

In 2020, Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney purchased the club. Under their ownership, Wrexham secured promotion to the EFL League-two, thrusting the duo into the spotlight. The co-owner McElhenny has also introduced a unique tradition at the club.

Wrexham boss McElhinney’s unique tradition turning into a birthday surprise

Since Wrexham Holding LLC, a joint venture equally owned by Deadpool’s famed Ryan Reynolds and American comedy actor Rob McElhenny, took charge of club ownership, it has significantly transformed the fate of the club. The Welsh team gained worldwide popularity, thanks to the ‘Welcome To Wrexham’ documentary, which received a phenomenal response.

In addition to the documentary and marketing efforts, the new ownership made substantial investments, injecting around £10 million into the club. They also successfully attracted new brands and secured sponsorship deals, collaborating with TikTok and Expedia.

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Furthermore, the ownership established training facilities and upgraded basic amenities at the club. These initiatives, coupled with the signing of quality players, played a crucial role in achieving promotion last season.

Initially, Wrexham co-owner McElhenney was not familiar with the offside rule, and it took an explanation from none other than David Beckham himself. However, he quickly immersed himself in the game, showing great dedication to his club. In fact, as a unique tradition, Rob ends up taking a piece of grass as a souvenir from the pitch whenever the 46-year-old star walks near the pitchside at SToK Cae Ras, Wrexham’s home ground.


A memento McElhenney kept in his drawer at the office was recently turned into a birthday present by his wife, Kaitlin Olson. She sealed the turf in glass, which contains chemicals to preserve and keep it fresh, beneath a plaque in each one of them as his birthday presents.

Wrexham faces defensive woes as key players join injury list

The newly promoted Wrexham is enjoying a commendable season in EFL League Two, the fourth tier of English football. The red Dragons have accumulated 33 points with 9 wins and 6 draws in the 18 games played so far this season, trailing the table-toppers Stockport County by only 8 points.

As only the top three teams will secure automatic promotion, Wrexham has a solid chance to finish in the top three or secure a playoff spot based on the current standings.

However, the club is facing challenges due to a long list of injured players, with five players sidelined. The depleted defense could pose obstacles in their pursuit of promotion.

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