How Did Zelina Vega pull off the ultimate prank on WWE’s Dominik Mysterio?

 As a member of the Judgment Day and a major villain in WWE, Dominik Mysterio is the current North American Champion. Despite his reputation as a heel, he is much appreciated for his brilliance. While Dom’s dad, The Latino World Order, was having a tough time on SmackDown after losing his belt, Dom was pranked by Zelina Vega who is close to his dad.

In the middle of the faction’s problems, the ever-charismatic Zelina Vega decided to pull a joke on Dominik to lighten the atmosphere. On Instagram, she uploaded a humorous recording of the fake call.

Zelina Vega’s playful Twitch antics on Dominik Mysterio

Dominik Mysterio’s excellent 2023 campaign in WWE stands remarkable in retrospect. He is a major villain in all three promotions since he is the North American Champion. His accomplishment didn’t stop Zelina Vega from playing a joke on him during her Twitch broadcast.

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She phoned Dominik while posing as a child of seven. Dominik accepted the prank when he didn’t recognize her voice and said the incorrect number had been dialed. Zelina followed by acting as if she wanted to place a meal order with him. Despite their on-screen antagonism, in real life, they’re excellent buddies from Mexico.

The prank included the pretend child asking Dominik whether he was interested in dating her mother. Dominik found out the child was just seven years old, so despite the lighthearted conversation, the conversation ended quickly. Many viewers of the webcast were amused by the humorous finale, which was a welcome break from the routine.

Dominik responds to Logan Paul’s shoutout

Jake Paul recently published a video in which his brother openly challenged Rey Mysterio, setting off a chain reaction that culminated with Mysterio reacting on Twitter. After Paul made fun of Samantha Irvin, the two young celebrities banded together to take on Ricochet, and they have since been effusive in their admiration of one other. At UFC 295, Logan Paul recognized Dominik Mysterio among the audience, and Dominik reacted.

Dominik Mysterio
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A video of Mysterio “repaying the favor” on Instagram was posted by WWE before Monday Night RAW after he had previously thanked Paul on social media. The two guys had a good laugh at one other’s expense as they shouted the wrong names. Paul misspelled “Dominik” as “Dominick,” while Mysterio spelled “Logan” as “Logen” when referring to the current U.S. Champion.

Was the prank between Dirty Dom and the LWO member something you enjoyed? If yes, what aspect impressed you most? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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