WWE legend The Undertaker spills details on how Vince McMahon paid off a bet with a jar of pennies

 During WWE’s “Attitude Era,” the Undertaker was a major star. His weird sense of humor was at odds with his generally gloomy personality. He once told a humorous story about Vince McMahon that happened on set in 1994. Vince had his sense of humor even throughout the difficult period of the steroid trial.

There are several anecdotes regarding Undertaker’s fun nature, including his willingness to sleep in a coffin and his encouragement of up-and-coming artists. In a recent episode of “Six Feet Under with Mark Calaway,” the Deadman recounted a humorous bet he made with Vince McMahon in which they tried to settle a debt in the most uncomfortable manner possible.

Undertaker reveals Vince McMahon’s hilarious payment method

The Undertaker’s shady and secretive image is well-known both in and out of the ring. Fans liked his commitment to the creepy persona, but a lesser-known aspect was uncovered when he provided a humorous tidbit about a betting encounter with Vince McMahon.

Undertaker and McMahon began their adventure in 1990 when Undertaker left WCW for WWE. Early on, Undertaker was concerned that McMahon would give him a gimmick that would alienate his devoted fanbase.

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During the steroid trial in 1994, Undertaker and McMahon had a humorous bet, which Undertaker recounted in a conversation on Six Feet Under. WWE made periodic little investments despite the company’s financial difficulties. McMahon once paid Undertaker back for winning a bet with 10,000 pennies, and Undertaker had to decide whether to leave them where they were or carry them for the next 35 days.

He said in the show, “I think we bet $100, a gentleman’s bet, $100. That joker, in the midst of all this going on, paid me my $100. You know how he paid me? In freakin’ pennies.”

The Undertaker named in Mark Henry’s Wrestling Mt. Rushmore

There is no universally agreed-upon list of wrestling’s greatest ever. Some fans go so far as to create their own “Mount Rushmore” to include all of their heroes. At the Icons of Wrestling Convention, AEW’s Mark Henry discussed his favorite performers with Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Bill Apter. Mark Henry was asked which WWE superstars should be on his “Mount Rushmore,” and he chose The Undertaker with a few others. Deadman was his second choice. It is always intriguing to learn how other rank their favorite stars.

“No disrespect to the ladies, but when it comes to pro wrestling, it would be very hard-pressed to beat. I got Ric Flair in the first spot, Undertaker in the second spot, Andre [The Giant] in the middle in the third spot, and it’s a toss-up, it’s really a toss-up, Steve Austin and The Rock.”

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Undertaker and Vince McMahon share a lifelong sense of loyalty. Whatever be the case, The Deadman is pleased for McMahon and that’s all that counts. McMahon has had several humorous and trashy incidents.

Most claim Vince McMahon’s life was riddled with charges, but what do you think? Is his talent for pranks his sole strength? Leave comments with your thoughts.

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