How does Tyreek Hill prepare for NFL games? Revealing Dolphins WR’s pregame prep involving $4 billion scouting tool

The Miami Dolphins have an exceptionally talented wide receiver in Tyreek Hill. The 29-year-old holds the record for the most receiving yards with a new team in the NFL. Tyreek Hill recently shared how he prepares for the NFL games and shocked many through his unorthodox methods.

Athletes are both famous and infamous for utilizing many unorthodox methods to prepare for their matches. Some spend money on high-level simulations, some try to visualize the challenges in their head and Tyreek also has a method of his own.

Tyreek Hill reveals unorthodox preparation method

Tyreek Hill recently shared that one night before the game he plays the Madden NFL video games. He shared that he does that to understand the quality of the opponent.

“I feel like Madden has a good tell [read] on how good players are, so I just play Madden the night before [NFL games] and I go look at all of their ratings.”

Tyreek Hill

Tyreek believes that by reviewing the performance of the opponent players in the video game, he can better understand how the player will play in the real game. 

“For instance, it has Steve Nelson and Derek Stingley Jr., two phenomenal players by the way, I just get on Madden and go to the EA rosters then I scroll down and see what their awareness is, their speed, and their strength, and that’s how I get a good tell on them.” 

He explained that he scrolls down the stats of the players like their speed and strengths. Most players usually watch the previous real NFL games of their opponents to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents. 

Dolphins WR’s Madden 24 rating

The Dolphins signed Hills for a $120 Million, four years deal. After his performance in the 2022 season, we can say that he was probably worth the money the team spent on him. Within his first season with the team, he broke the record for both receptions and receiving yards. 

Tyreek Hill

This year’s Madden ratings have been released and the wide receiver got a rating of 98. He is one of the best receivers in the league. Although he couldn’t make it to the 99 club his rating was still not bad.

As the new season starts, expectations are high for the wide receiver as he voiced his intentions to break more records this season. Will he still use video games to prepare? Would you like to share any such unorthodox preparation methods? Let’s discuss below!

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