Days after attending first Birmingham City game, Tom Brady’s $44 million investment faces scrutiny from journalist

The NFL journey of Tom Brady came to an end last year. But that doesn’t mean the former quarterback is staying idle in his retirement, instead, he has shifted his focus on new business ventures. Brady became a minority owner of the Raiders and later it was announced that he had invested in Birmingham City.

The soccer club in focus has been generating quite a bit of buzz in the sporting world considering the involvement of Hollywood star Ryan Raynolds. Now that TB12 is also affiliated with the team, public interest and controversy are expected to follow.

Journalist labels Brady’s investment as problematic

Tom Brady has invested in Birmingham City and is expected to work directly with the Club’s board members. Recently, a famous soccer author Martin Calladine shared his views about this deal. Martin appears to be well-versed in soccer clubs and knowledgeable about how this business works. 

He believes that Brady is just a ‘paid pitchman’ and nothing more as he bought a minority share at a price that’s way below the market value. 

Tom Brady

He shared that this deal is problematic because it is affecting the true nature of the business. 

“I think it’s problematic because what’s being done there is it’s obscuring the true nature of the ownership of these businesses,” Martin said. He also talked about Tom Brady’s deal with a crypto firm, FTX. The company announced that they are bankrupt, and Brady got sued by investors. 

Martin indirectly criticized the investment decisions the former quarterback is making nowadays. His crypto deal was a big loss and now Martin believes that his investment in Birmingham City is also troublesome. 

Tom Brady attends Birmingham City soccer fixture

For the past few days, the 46-year-old has been quite busy. First, he was spotted at a Taylor Swift concert and later at Birmingham City soccer club. The former quarterback shared a picture on Twitter stating, “Any plans before kick-off guys? See you at St. Andrew’s.”

Then, he went to visit the pub and surprised fans who welcomed the NFL legend wholeheartedly. After that, he attended the second-tier club’s first home game of the new campaign. 


As Tom is no longer active in the fields, the major sources of his income will probably be investments in different fields and endorsements of brands. Even if a team like Birmingham does not hold much appeal, Tom himself could be a boosting factor.

Do you think Brady is making wise investments? Let us know what you think below!

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