Hours after fulfilling $62 million musical taste, Tom Brady flies to attend $44 million asset business

While the fans were expecting Tom Brady to join the NFL again, the quarterback is busy with his new business ventures. There are only 4 weeks left till the new regular season starts and now the little hope that fans had for the seven times Super Bowl champion Tom Brady to come back in the league has vanished. Tom is busy in his life and making the most out of his retirement life.

Tom has recently been spotted at the BLACKPINK concert. BLACKPINK is a popular girl’s K-pop group, therefore fans were shocked to spot the former quarterback there. Besides these fun experiences, Tom Brady is also focusing on growing his business. After attending the concert, he went to Birmingham where he has recently made a huge investment. 

Tom Brady spotted in BLACKPINK concert

After ending his NFL career, Brady has been busy spending time with his family and investing in new business ventures. But what fans didn’t expect from the quarterback was to attend the BLACKPINK concert. One picture of Tom Brady went viral in which he was standing in the stadium, wearing a white t-shirt and baseball cap.

Tom Brady

BLACKPINK is the biggest girl’s group in the world with a combined net worth of $62 million. Although it is common for NFL players to attend concerts, fans were shocked to spot Brady at a girl’s group concert. The fans took to Twitter to share hilarious reactions.


When the QB realized that fans are making fun of his appearance at the concert, he also shared a hilarious joke. The quarterback retweeted his picture and made his own meme. He wrote, “This is the most ‘dad takes his daughter and her friends to a concert’ picture ever taken.” 

It means Brady went there because of his daughter and not because he is a fan of BLACKPINK. Whatever the reason was, it was heartwarming to find out that Brady is getting to spend more time with his daughter and is enjoying his retirement life.

New minority owner shares update on Birmingham visit

Soon after this concert update, the former quarterback shared a picture on his Twitter account updating fans about his visit to Birmingham. 

Last week, the 44-year-old announced that he has purchased an ownership share in Birmingham City, a club that is worth $44 million.

The quarterback went there at a pub for Birmingham City fans. The fans were shocked to see him there and celebrated his presence. 

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is considered the GOAT in the NFL, but it is clear that he is not only good in football but also in other aspects of his life. He is using his retirement time to spend more time with his family and enjoy concerts with his daughter. 

The former quarterback also became a minority owner of the Las Vegas Raiders and now of Birmingham City. He is also expected to join FOX as an analyst in the next year. Although Brady is no longer playing in the NFL, he is still a part of the league and he’s working hard to ensure that.

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