Months after UFC 285 triumph, $3 million Jon Jones earns high praise from UFC President Dana White

Ever since Jon Jones stepped into the octagon, he has quite consistently managed to capture the attention of fellow personnel in the industry and of the fans. The reigning heavyweight champion has plowed through pretty much all of the light heavyweight division and became the champion at the tender age of 23.

“Bones” has faced a lot of controversies throughout his career. However, despite all the issues, he recently managed to send shockwaves throughout the combat sports world again by returning for a heavyweight title fight and picking up a dominant win.

White declares Jon Jones one of the greatest

In the most recent episode of Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, Dana White had positive things to say about Jon. He explained how “Bones” joined UFC when he was pretty young but still managed to become a champion in the Light Heavyweight Division.

He further stated how even after going into Heavyweight, Jon has still not lost his ferocity. Dana went as far as calling him the best in all of combat sports, “I mean the guy is the best. He’s the best, he’s the greatest. He’s one of the greatest fighters of all time period, in all of combat sports. I don’t think the people give him enough credit.”

Dana has seemingly always liked and supported fighters who have a knack for showmanship alongside great MMA skills. That is probably the very reason why he likes fighters such as Conor McGregor, Jon Jones, and so on despite all the controversies they have gotten into.

How much does Jon Jones get for UFC 285?

UFC 285 took place on March 4, 2023, and following four other main card fights, the heavyweight title bout between Jon Jones and Ciryl Gane was scheduled. Jon made Gane submit in the first round with a Guillotine Choke and got a hold of the championship belt in the Heavyweight Division.


For the beautiful performance that Jon “Bones” Jones exhibited, he reportedly received a payout of a whopping $6.4 Million. This was one of the highest payouts that a fighter in the UFC has ever received.

Presently, Jon “Bones” Jones is set to fight Stipe Miocic at UFC 295 on November 11th at Madison Square Garden in New York. Miocic has not stepped into the octagon since UFC 260 when he lost against Francis Ngannou.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Jon Jones is indeed the greatest combat sports athlete of all time? How did you rate the fight between Jones and Gane? Let us know in the comment section below.


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