NFL GOAT Tom Brady embraces “passive role” of Raiders ownership, seeing It as lifetime commitment: “Not something I’m into for a year or two”

Tom Brady, the NFL GOAT is officially retired from the NFL but still not ending his links with the league. He has taken an ownership stake in an NFL team, Las Vegas Raiders. 

The seven-time Super Bowl champion recently talked about his new venture and emphasized that he sees this new journey as a lifetime commitment. 

Tom Brady Discloses Raiders ownership strategy

In an interview with the Associated Press, Brady talked about the Raiders. He praised the team and also admired its owner, AI Davis. He shared that it’s a dream come true to become a minority owner of such a great team. Brady also highlighted the positive impact of the team on the league. 

Tom Brady

He also cleared that he will have a passive role in the ownership of the team. While his involvement will not be as hands-on as that of the team’s management, his ownership stake signifies his deep connection and dedication to the NFL. Brady is only the third player in the league’s history to become the owner of a team which symbolizes his commitment to the league. 

Tom Brady’s lifetime commitment to the Raiders 

“This is something that I’m interested in doing for the rest of my life,” Brady affirmed. “This is not something that I’m into for a year or two years.” 

It is evident that Brady took this role because of his love and passion for the sport. He appreciates and understands the Raiders’ history which makes him a great owner already. Although he will be pursuing a passive role in the team, his contribution will undoubtedly be very significant and remarkable. 

Tom Brady

However, this is not the only job that the NFL GOAT is pursuing right now, he will also work as a Fox Sports commentator soon. He also assured his fans that he will not let his ownership role affect his job with Fox. 

“I’ve got a lot of responsibility with my Fox job, which I take very seriously,” NFL GOAT said. “But if I’m looking over the course of my life, to have the opportunity to be involved in the NFL is a dream come true.”

Brady’s decision to embrace the passive role of team ownership with the Raiders reflects his long-term commitment to the sport and his desire to leave a lasting legacy. He is one of the most accomplished players in NFL history so his contribution signifies that he is dedicated to contribute to the league. We can’t wait to watch Brady pursue new ventures in his life.

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