Dolphins’ Jaylen Waddle & Cam Smith injured during NFL pre-season games, HC Mike McDaniel shares update

The Miami Dolphins started this season with a strong roster; however, things aren’t the same for the team anymore. As the 2023 pre-season has officially begun, teams have been busy in pre-season games. But the Dolphins suffered a great loss during these games. The team’s two crucial players have been injured. 

Jaylen Waddle and Cam Smith both got injured during practice games. The team didn’t share any details about the injuries, but recently, the head coach of the team, Mike McDaniel updated fans about their conditions and how bad the situation is for the team.

Mike McDaniel provides injury update on Jaylen Waddle

Jaylen Waddle, the wide receiver of the Dolphins, recently injured his midsection. He is a 1,000-yard receiver and very crucial for the team. Fans have been worried for the Dolphins as now there are only four weeks left till the regular season begins, and the wide receiver of the team is badly injured. 


To lighten the stress, the Dolphins’ head coach Mike McDaniel recently talked about this situation giving hope to the fans. He shared the details of the wide receiver’s injury ensuring fans that he is doing well.

“He’s doing good. It was a midsection injury,” said the coach.

McDaniel further shared that it is like a normal OTA injury that players get after a tremendous offseason. “Sometimes you have guys that end up coming up with an injury in the middle of camp after having a tremendous offseason. That’s kind of what Jaylen has had from OTAs, the onset, he’s come to work and done some really good things.”

Mike McDaniel also gave an update on Jaylen, stating that he is slowly recovering and is also working with the trainers. “Fortunate that it’s not something that I know that will be a long-term deal. But he’s, he’s steadily rehabbing. And working with the trainers, which fires me up.”

The coach is impressed by Jaylen’s determination to recover fast. As the coach shared that there is no long-term deal, we can expect the wide receiver to soon join the Dolphins on the field.

Injury update on Cam Smith

The Dolphins not only lost Jaylen but also Cam Smith. Cam is the rookie cornerback of the team. In a recent game against the Atlanta Falcons, the young cornerback made a tackle but was a bit shaken up. After that, he stayed on the field for some time and then ran to the medical tent.


Most likely he got a shoulder injury, but the team hasn’t yet shared any details about the severity of his injury. It is expected that the coach will prioritize the health of the young cornerback and ask him to rest for some time and not participate in the games.

Pre-season is a very critical time for NFL teams. While they need to practice hard and prepare for the regular season, at the same time, the players need to stay healthy and avoid injuries. Although there is no update about Cam Smith’s recovery, there is hope for the team as Jaylen Waddle is recovering fast. We hope that both players of the Dolphins recover soon and come back stronger as the regular season kicks off this September. 

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