“I’m gonna take your girl”: Jake Paul’s former sparring partner Hasim Rahman Jr brutally fires at Logan Paul following Dillon Danis Misfits controversy

The Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis fight is scheduled to take place on October 14th at AO Arena in Manchester, England. It is set to happen on the same fight card which features the KSI vs Tommy Fury fight. It is one of the most anticipated fights of the year since it has been a long time since both fighters stepped into the ring.

As expected, things have been getting heated between all the parties involved as the lead-up to the fight commences. A former scheduled opponent has stepped into the scene amidst the chaos and made some scathing remarks towards Logan.

Hasim Rahman Jr brutally slams Logan Paul after Dillon Danis Misfits controversy

Dillon Danis has always had the habit of trolling people and he did the same in the case of Logan as well. Danis talked about Logan’s fiance and revealed her past romantic relationships. This led to a huge controversy and a lot of people considered it to be a “low blow” on behalf of Danis.

Dillon even went as far as posting a photo of Nina Agdal (Logan’s fiance) posing with NBA Superstar LeBron James, trying to insinuate something. It is pretty clear that the former Conor McGregor cornerman wants to get in the elder Paul’s head.

Hasim has been at odds with the Paul brothers for a long time and he did not miss this chance to take a dig this time around. Rather than saying that Dillon has gone too far with his trolling, Hasim says that if Dillon is pulled out, he might step in. He even went as far as to say, “Matter of fact, I might even take your girl”.

Logan Paul’s official backup opponent is Hasim Rahman Jr if Dillon Danis withdraws

Dillon Danis has a history of withdrawing from fights. He has withdrawn from the fight he had with youtube star KSI on January 14th at Wembley Arena. He withdrew a short notice of just 10 days.

He was supposedly skeptical about the fight the whole time and even avoided going to the pre-fight press conference. Now, keeping that in mind, Logan said in the most recent episode of the “IMPAULSIVE” podcast that Danis is required to pay $100,000 if he withdraws from the fight without any legitimate reason.


It was recently announced that if Dillon Danis pulls out, Hasim Rahman Jr. would take his place as the official backup opponent. Considering the amount of rivalry that Hasim has with the Paul brothers, this is probably the best backup opponent that could have been selected for a fight against the elder Paul brother, Logan.

What do you think about this rivalry between Hasim Rahman Jr. and Logan Paul? Do you think Dillon Danis will withdraw from this fight as well? Will Hasim Rahman Jr. finally get a chance to settle his feud with one of the Paul brothers inside the cage? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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