How LeBron James befriended Jay-Z? Reflecting on longstanding relationship between the two megastars

LeBron James is a leading scorer in the history of the NBA and is considered a legend of the sport. This professional basketball player is prominent for his bond with the entertainment industry and befriending mega stars of the genre and Jay-Z is such a name with who James gets along profoundly.

So, let’s discover more about the longstanding relationship between these two icons.

How King James met the rap icon?

William Wesley is the bridge through which the NBA star and the rap star found each other. Wesley is a mutual friend of both LeBron and Jay. When LeBron told him about his desire to meet the rap icon, the man did his best to arrange a meeting between the two and introduce them personally to each other.

And this is how the friends first met. Over the years, their friendship and mutual respect for one another only intensified and the duo always stood by each other’s side both in good and bad times just like a true friend.

When LeBron James broke the record of the leading scorer in the league, Jay-Z was present there among the audience cheering for his friends to taste the delights of the moment when his friend was declared victorious.

From professional to personal, King James’s every important event is incomplete with the rapper by his side.

Jay-Z mentions LeBron multiple times in his tracks

To express his love and respect for the basketball legend, Jay mentioned James’ name in the lyrics of his songs multiple times throughout his musical career. Some of the famous songs of the rapper ‘Empire State of Mind, Blow The Whistle, GOD DID’ eulogize LeBron through lyrics.

Sometimes friendship finds its space surpassing boundaries, regions, and ideals and this is the case for LeBron James and Jay-Z. Although these legends had nothing to do with each other’s genres, their friendship bloomed into a sacred ‘Bromance’ over the years making them friends forever.

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