Weeks after brutal feud with Joe Rogan and Jon Jones, Tyson Fury takes a step back from his bold challenge to UFC champ: “Jones will eat me up like a breakfast burrito”

Tyson Fury continues to have an issue with Joe Rogan regarding the Jon Jones remarks.

Rogan recently made headlines when boxing star Tyson called him out for a controversial statement. On an episode of JRE, Joe stated that if Jones and Fury were locked in a room together, Jon would come out on top. Tyson, displeased with his comments, responded with a profanity-filled message.

Not surprisingly, Jon later stepped in to defend Rogan and engage in a verbal feud with Fury. After a brief exchange on social media, they both agreed that they would not compete against each other in their respective sports.

Tyson Fury jabs Joe Rogan while Backtracks on Jon Jones

Despite the ceasefire between Tyson and Jon, the undefeated boxer took another shot at Rogan during a public appearance.

A video clip of an interview on Instagram shows Fury once again criticizing Joe. The interviewer brought up the issue with Rogan, highlighting Rogan’s preference for Jones over Tyson. When the interviewer quoted Joe’s opinion, Fury referred to him as a derogatory term. The interviewer then mentioned that while Tyson would win in a boxing match against Jones.
Tyson Fury
He agreed with Rogan that Jones would dominate Fury outside of the boxing ring. Fury responded by saying, “I’ll agree with that. He [Jones] will overpower me like a breakfast burrito.” This change in stance was surprising, considering Fury’s initial reaction to Joe.

Dana White agrees to arrange Jon Jones vs Tyson Fury

Meanwhile, UFC president Dana White is open to the idea of Fury entering the octagon to resolve the dispute with Jon Jones. In a recent interview, Dana expressed his willingness to arrange a UFC fight between Jones and Fury.

Tyson Fury speaks at a press conference

He mentioned the Mayweather vs. McGregor bout as an example to support the feasibility of such a matchup. He said, “If Tyson Fury really wants to fight Jon Jones in the UFC, I will make it happen … Let’s do it.

If Tyson is serious, and he wants to do it, listen, I got Floyd Mayweather to fight, and we paid Floyd, we got Floyd the number he wanted. If Tyson Fury is serious, and he wants to fight Jon Jones, let’s start talking.”

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