What are potential options for Lakers in the event of LeBron James’ retirement? exploring franchise’s possible future moves

LeBron James’ retirement will be the end of an era as the iconic basketball player has offered many jaw-dropping, spectacular games on the court which were unseen by the world. However, he can’t be playing for forever and his Los Angeles Lakers might find his replacements within the teams to keep the LeBron legacy ongoing.

So, let’s explore the issues concerning LeBron James’ retirement and his team’s future moves.

Understanding LeBron James’ NBA retirement

King James’ current contract with the Lakers for 2023-2024 is on the verge of ending. But the legendary player is most likely to go for a contract extension for the 2024-25 season choosing an appropriate player option.

Bagging a fifth NBA Championship and playing side by side with his elder son Bronny James, these two dreams are still there for the Lakers star to fulfill. So, it makes sense, a paladin player like him will definitely make the best of available options to return to the court before saying a final goodbye.

Moreover, if LeBron decides to leave the court for sure, his team might propose putting his name in the voluntary retirement list which will result in his pay cut and inability to join another team.

Lakers can build team around Anthony Davis and Austin Reaves

No one possibly could replace the GOAT. But the Lakers could depend on some new spirits to move the team forward. And in that case, players like Anthony Davis and Austin Reaves could be the wheel of moves for the team.

Especially, Davis, who has shown pretty impressive agility during playoffs is still a formidable player on the team and can lead the Lakers ahead of LeBron’s retirement.

All of LeBron James’ NBA dreams haven’t been fulfilled yet. So, it is likely he will make a solid return for the 2024-2025 seasons to utilize his pre-retirement matches to catch his dream. Are there any chances for LeBron to win his fifth NBA Championship before retirement? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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