How much did Sidemen charity match raise? Examining the match with cause featuring KSI, IShowSpeed

Recently, the latest edition of the Sidemen charity match took place, one that features some of YouTube’s biggest stars. This is one of the largest matches of the year that is played by non-professionals and played for entertainment as well as raising money. The money raised from the match will go to four charities the Teenage Cancer Trust, CALM, MM7 Education, and Rays of Sunshine.

The first Sidemen charity match was organized back in 2016, and this year’s match was their sixth event.  This year’s match was bigger than all of the others, so here is all you need to know about the Sidemen charity match 2023.

Sidemen Charity Match 2023 raised over $2,000,000

The Sidemen charity match is a football match organized by the famous YouTube channel “The Sidemen,” a group of British YouTubers. Every member of the group has their own individual YouTube channel where they upload their unique videos. They also have three secondary channels namely More Sidemen, Sidemen Shorts, and Sidemen Reacts. The group has over 35 million subscribers on all channels combined and they use this audience for a good cause.

The most notorious Sidemen members are W2S, KSI, Miniminter, and Vikkstar123, all of whom have a history of being FIFA YouTubers at certain points in their careers.

The Sidemen charity match took place on 9 September 2023 in the London Stadium featuring Sidemen vs YouTube All Stars. Apart from the members of the group, some other big names like Mr. Beast, IShowSpeed, ChrisMD, Danny Aarons, and so on also took part in the game to help the cause. The match ended 8-5 in favor of the Sidemen and they managed to raise £2,419,429 million by the end.

Sidemen charity match

The Sidemen Charity match certainly raised a lot more than expected. YouTubers and Prime Hydration founders KSI and Logan Paul also stepped up to donate £250,000 from their pockets. “All of our team put together something we could never comprehend and I hear we’ve absolutely smashed the target from last year of £1million raised, so we’ll find out later just how much we’ve raised,” said Sidemen member Vikkstar123.

The charity game breaks its own record

It is no surprise that millions of people all around the world watched the match, as The Sidemen are some of the most famous YouTubers in the United Kingdom, in addition to having big names such as Mr. Beast and IShowSpeed in the lineup. It even broke its own record of views.

The 2022 Sidemen Charity Match got 2,558,501 views, and they have smashed that record this season. This year’s match reached 2,562,945 views, which was only made possible due to the collective efforts of all these streamers and YouTubers. 

Sidemen Charity Match

It is nice to see the Sidemen use their fame to do a good deed. If you also want to contribute to the cause, then you can donate through the Sidemen FC official website. 





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