Fans float footage from 2011 after Kevin Nash puts CM Punk in the same bracket with Ultimate Warrior

CM Punk has been in the headlines lately but not for good reason. He was recently fired from AEW due to his toxic behavior throughout his tenure in the company and the fans have been attacking him for being a difficult person to work with due to his attitude and demeanor.

The American wrestler has burned bridges with two of the most popular wrestling promotions in North America which has led to wrestlers calling him out on his egotistical personality. WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently put him in the category of The Ultimate Warrior who was infamous for causing trouble backstage and making the workplace a toxic environment.

Kevin Nash puts CM Punk in the same line with Warrior

The Ultimate Warrior was known for being in the wrestling business only for the money and not out of passion for pro wrestling. Legendary WWE commentator Jim Ross even went as far as to say he was “poison” and a “cancer” for the company. Warrior once held Vince McMahon at ransom, threatening to no-show at SummerSlam if he wasn’t paid more money, which ultimately led to his firing.

NWO co-founder Kevin Nash compared CM Punk to The Ultimate Warrior due to their behavior, but while there are parallels, Punk has always had a passion for the art form of pro wrestling. CM Punk got into trouble last year after being involved in a brawl against The Elite after All Out but later returned to the company on AEW Collision. He also had an altercation with William Regal upon his return and attacked Jack Perry before his match Vs. Samoa Joe at the record-breaking event All In. 

This was the last straw for All Elite Wrestling’s President Tony Khan who witnessed the incident live and even felt threatened and scared for his life according to him and everyone who witnessed the encounter. 

CM Punk, Kevin feud got nixed in 2011

Kevin Nash made his return to WWE at SummerSlam in 2011 and attacked CM Punk. The reception was mixed among the fans but anyway, the feud didn’t go anywhere after a few promo battles between the two wrestlers due to Kevin Nash not being medically cleared because of the Wellness Program. CM Punk also provoked Kevin Nash  during their promos in the build to the match at SummerSlam which ultimately never happened.

‘Big Daddy Cool’ revolutionized the wrestling industry with the formation of the New World Order (NWO) alongside Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan. This move sparked the infamous Monday Night Wars between WCW and WWE, which brought out the best in both companies. That’s why the Attitude Era is regarded as the best time to be a wrestling fan.


Despite his antics, CM Punk is regarded as one of the best wrestlers of this generation, and rightly so. He was successful everywhere he wrestled from Ring of Honor to WWE and his final run in AEW was also well-received despite all the troubles he caused. But there’s still a fog of doubt whether he’ll return to the squared circle.

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