Shocking reports claim CM Punk involvement in backstage altercation with William Regal

Due to his attitude, CM Punk has always been a polarising figure in the wrestling world, and he has once again been at the centre of controversy. William Regal previously worked for both WWE and AEW, where he co-managed the black and gold brand NXT with Triple H before joining AEW and launching the Blackpool Combat Club.

When Triple H was appointed to Chief Content Officer and Creative Director, he asked Regal to join him in driving the company, and Regal accepted. However, Regal’s stay in AEW was not without incident, with claims of an altercation with CM Punk emerging. 

CM Punk reportedly got into Regal’s face

AEW hasn’t been short of any controversies and confrontations in its short life span. According to, CM Punk had an encounter with William Regal where Punk refused to shake hands following Regal’s debut at AEW Revolution. Punk’s reasoning was that Regal was one of Triple H’s ‘stooges,’ and he didn’t trust or like him for that reason.

Regal left AEW toward the end of 2022 to train his son, who is in NXT. He was also given the role of Head of Global Talent Development due to his extensive knowledge in the industry. The fact that reports are emerging now, even though the altercation took place more than a year ago, raises suspicions.

According to the reports, CM Punk instigated everything that happened, and he has been involved in numerous situations like these over the past few years, including a recent major incident that ultimately led to his firing.

Punk’s future up in the air following AEW firing

AEW released a press statement on Saturday, announcing that Tony Khan had decided to terminate CM Punk’s contract with immediate effect following his altercation with Jack Perry at All Out. Punk’s physical confrontation, which even left Tony feeling threatened for his life. 

Now that CM Punk is a free agent, rumors are swirling about a possible return to WWE. However, it’s worth noting that he has had a contentious history with the company, and bridges may have been burnt.

Vince McMahon has always prioritized what’s best for business, and a CM Punk return to WWE would undoubtedly be a historic moment that could electrify arenas. But there’s a significant doubt, given Triple H’s prominent role and their less-than-amicable relationship.

Triple H wouldn’t want to disrupt the positive locker room atmosphere, which currently seems to be at an all-time high. CM Punk has a reputation for negatively impacting locker rooms wherever he goes.

CM Punk is undeniably one of the greatest wrestlers to have ever stepped into the ring, with a distinct legacy. However, at 44 years old and severed ties with key figures, there are doubts about whether he will ever return to the squared circle.

With Survivor Series in Chicago later this year, will CM Punk make his return to the WWE? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 


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