How much money does NBA Champions earn? Breaking down the prize pool

Many basketball fans always speculate about how much their favorite teams make upon winning NBA championships. When considering basketball, NBA is arguably the best platform and it has its own sets of rules and regulations concerning the prize and additional benefits for the winner.

So, let’s have a look at the NBA champion’s prize value and the benefits they earn after winning the trophies of victory.

What is the prize for winning NBA championship?

It takes a standard level of caliber to step into the wooden NBA court. Iconic NBA players like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Shaq O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant did their best to uphold the league’s honors and take it to the prestigious position that it is in today.

NBA’s pricing policy is very different compared to any other sport. As we all know, the winning trophy usually brings along both fame and fortune. But this universal rule isn’t applicable to this sport as there is no financial value associated with winning a trophy.

So, do the winners get nothing for their hard work and dedication on the court? No, they of course receive monetary benefits which are quite huge but that don’t come along with the trophy.

There is a different system in NBA to reward the champions which is called the ‘Prize Pool’. Through this system, the winner along with other teams receives a share of the payment.

Breakdown of prize pool

A prize pool is a collection of income generated during playoffs that gets distributed among the teams after the NBA finals. Each team receives its share of the pool through its own financial department.

Check out season 2021-22’s pool distribution-

Total Generated Income- $27.5 million

Each playoff club- $328,000

Conference semifinalists- $390,000

Conference Champion- $645,000

NBA Finals Winner- $3.8 million

NBA Finals Opponent team-$2.5 million

Of course, players get their fair share of opportunities to make money outside the court which includes endorsements, advertising, and more. Some may make even more money through these mediums than what they make from the sport.

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