How much money will Wimbledon winners take home? Unveiling the prize pool, payout of the Grand Slam in the world

The eminent Wimbledon Championship is just a week away. So, now might be the right time to learn what these players are earning from winning in the oldest tennis tournament. 

Since 1877, tennis players from around the world have been competing in the All England Club and tennis fans from around the world eagerly tune in to watch the athletes go. The recognition of this major title only increases year after year and fans are willing to pay anything to watch their favorite player compete in the heavenly great grass lawn court.

Now similarly, the prize money that the winners get after competing against the strongest athletes has also increased this year, raising the stakes for the players.

How much money do winners make?

What started at a total money prize of £26,150 in 1968 with great inequality between the pay for male and female players, has grown into one of the most thriving tennis tournaments in time.

Since 2007, Wimbledon reports to have the same prize money for both the male and female athlete! 

This year’s total prize money is the new record for the highest total price fund with an increase of over 10% from last year. In 2022, the winners shared a total of £40 million. This year, the winners of the Wimbledon 2023 Championships will be sharing a total of £44 million (£44,700,000).

The Wimbledon 2023’s male and female singles champions will nail the prize money amount of £2,350,000 which is 17.5% higher than what Elena Rybakina and Novak Djokovic won last year. The runner-up gets exactly half of this amount (£1,175,000) which has also increased by over 11% since 2022.

The remuneration for each player at each level of this tournament has increased tremendously within the last 12 months. The official Wimbledon page has clearly broken down this payment.

Novak Djokovic’s payout from Wimbledon 2022

The world number 2 made his 4th consecutive and overall 7th Wimbledon title last year in the All England Club, London. He went up against Nick Kyrgios for whom it was the first ever major Grand Slam final.

This was the Serbinator’s 21st singles major title and the cash prize he received was £2,000,000. 

Elena Rybakina also received the same money prize last year after defeating all odds and expectations and winning her first Grand Slam title. 

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The world of tennis is gaining more attention for people all around the world. Kids from everywhere are training to be part of the big leagues and as time passes, each tournament gets more competitive. Clearly, the tournaments and federations are also upping their game to match and serve the energy of their audience and upcoming athletes. 

What are your thoughts on who might win this year’s Wimbledon Championships? Do the defending champions Novak Djokovic and Elena Rybakina stand a chance this season to win the championship again and the incredibly spiked cash prize? Let us know in the comments below! 




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