Who has the most Wimbledon championships? exploring the top Tennis players of all time

What started off with an entry of just 22 men in 1877, is now the championship that pretty much all tennis players covet and has become arguably the most prestigious tennis event in the world. Since then, the All England Club in Wimbledon, London has been hosting the Wimbledon championships for some of the greatest athletes from around the world. 

Wimbledon is the only grass surface major Grand Slam title and is known to demand the quickest and sharpest of movement and timing. As the new-gen players nurture their play of style to be favorable for this fast surface, let us look back at the top tennis players who have fought great battles and flown high in the Wimbledon championships.

Roger Federer has the most Wimbledon victories

Wimbledon has been the host to witness the battles between several tennis rivalries. However, there were a few that truly stood firm with their strength on this fast surface. Few of the greatest tennis players in history have exhibited their tennis mastery in the Wimbledon championships and have won the title over and over and over again.

Roger Federer

The Swiss tennis icon, Roger Federer, has arguably been the best on the grass court to date. The Maestro with the 20 Grand Slam titles, won 8 of them at Wimbledon. In 2008, Federer had a record 65-match grass-court winning streak.

Roger has an elegant style on grass and his accurate serves and returns look effortless. The FedEx has the record of the most number of Wimbledon titles and is regarded as the greatest tennis player on grass in the current era. 

Pete Sampras

Petros Sampras, the Pistol Pete, marked his territory on the grass surface back in the 90s and won the Wimbledon title for several consecutive years. He won the Wimbledon title 7 times in total (1993-95, 1997-2000) and he displayed his prowess on the surface, especially with his overpowering serves and remarkable movement through the court. 

Grass greats: Federer's records to Borg, Sampras' Wimbledon runs, top ATP players on the green lawns

Novak Djokovic 

One of the Big 3 trio, Djokovic has made his records to show his excellence as an all-round surface player. Even though he is 36 years old now, nothing seems to stop his record-making streak. He keeps showing his love for the sport and looks motivated to make history in the championships as well.

The Serb has 7 Wimbledon titles till now tied with Sampras, his very strong returns, and his immaculate backhand. With this, Nole is close to surpassing even Roger and taking the top spot in the grass surface.  

Other than these tennis icons, there was the Swedish Bjorn Borg who won the Wimbledon title five times, and John Enroe and Boris Becker who each also won the championship thrice back in the 70s. Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray are both two-time Wimbledon champions.

2023 Wimbledon Championships start date, location, ticket price

As the new-gen tennis players train hard and look ready to fire in this fast surface season, tennis fans will not want to miss the action right from the qualifying competitions. With the current roster, fierce and power-packed competition is expected.

Wimbledon to host full capacity crowds for final rounds in Centre Court and Court One | UK News | Sky News

The Wimbledon 2023 qualifiers start from Monday 26 June to Thursday 29 June. They are scheduled to be held at the Community Sport Centre Roehampton. Tickets for the qualifiers are available for pre-purchase at £15. The Championship commences on July 3rd at the All England Club and the prices for the court seats range from £46-£80 (Center court) on day 1 to £40- £255 on day 14. 

Who do you think will stand out this grass season? Will Carlitos’ special training for this grass surface pay off? Or might Novak win this Grand Slam and break his own record? Let us know in the comments below!!


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