Wimbledon prize money 2022: winner’s purse, payout breakdown in details for single and double

The Championships, or just Wimbledon, is the oldest and most renowned tennis competition in the world, and since 2019, the two main courts have been covered by retractable roofs at Wimbledon’s All England Club, where it began since it was inaugurated in 1877.

In 1968, professional players were first permitted to compete in ‘The Championships’ and prizes were first given out while the total prize money was £26,150; the male singles champion won £2,000 and the female singles winner received £750. 

Surprisingly, Wimbledon and the French Open have offered the same prize money to male and female competitors since 2007.

What is the total prize money for Wimbledon 2022?

This year’s Wimbledon prize money has a total of £40,350,000 ($49,550,000), which means 15 percent more than the 2021 competition and more than six percent higher than 2019’s prize money.

The above monetary information indicates that the Championship provides higher prize money than the French Cup but lower prize money than the US Open and Australian Open. 

Men’s and Women’s Singles prize money, purse:

Men’s Singles Prize money: This year, the winner of the Men’s Singles champion will be given £2,000,000 ($2,500,000), which is £0.3 million more than the purse of the previous year.

Women’s Singles Prize money: Unlike the men, the women’s singles champion is also going to get the same amount of prize money in 2022.

Lets have a detailed look at the prize money on each stage of ‘The Championship’.


Men’s and Women’s Double prize money, purse:

In this year’s Wimbledon Tournament, the pursue for the Men’s and Women’s Double is £540,000 ($662,000); and this amount will be shared equally amongst the winners.

Why are men and women paid equally?

Until 2006, women were paid less than their male counterparts in prize money, but the famous woman player Venus Williams fought back and was finally able to pursue the authority to award equal prize money to all participants since 2007.

After that incident, Venus Williams became the first female player to receive the same amount of prize money as her male counterpart, Roger Federer. 

Federer & Venus

How much other grand slam pay in comparison to Wimbledon’s prize money?

Grand Slam Men’s Singles Winner Women’s Singles Winner Total Prize Money
Wimbledon £2,000,000 £2,000,000 £40,350,000
French Open £1,899,713 £1,899,713 £37,631,758
US Open £2,052,400 £2,052,400 £47,190,825
Australian Open £2,360,260 £2,360,260 £61,553,250

Despite having less accumulated funds than US Open and Australian Open, Wimbledon prize money 2022 will be £2,600,000 ($3,200,000) more in total for the participants. 


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