Covid-19 effect : Is the next Wimbledon men’s final going to be a ‘Quarantine game’?

After falling prey to the pandemic situation in the year 2020, the Wimbledon tennis championship, one of the most recognized tennis events around, is set to be staged in 2021. But yes, the next grand slam 2021 Wimbledon men’s final will be held without any fans.

According to an official statement released by Wimbledon, “Staging the championships in 2021 is our number one priority, and we are actively engaged in scenario-planning to deliver on that priority. Our overriding priority will continue to be the health and safety of all of our stakeholders, in particular our guests, our staff, and our competitors.”

Adding on the statement, Sally Bolton, chief executive of Wimbledon, further said, “We are working closely with the relevant government and public health authorities, alongside the rest of the sports industry, to understand the varying challenges and opportunities presented by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic’’.

Hence, it can be said that the event will go in full ‘Quarantine’ mode, with only the players and officials allowed within the tennis court.

Does that mean 2021 Men’s Wimbledon GS final about to get ‘Quarantined’?

As per the official statement, the All England Club is checking through all the potential case scenarios in the same respect. So, there is every possibility that the event can still be held with a full/ partial or no presence of the fans on the tennis court.

It must be mentioned that even though the 2020 edition of the tournament was canceled due to the coronavirus situation, other Grand slams went as per the schedule. While the US open got staged inside closed doors, French open allowed the presence of only 1000 fans during the matches.

What are the odds of a full-fledged Wimbledon event?

Given the current pandemic situation, the organizers are closely monitoring every aspect to ensure a risk-free tournament. Still, that depends on several factors, including the arrival of a potential vaccine for the virus.

The 134th edition of the tournament is scheduled to be held between 28th June and 11th July 2021. So, the organizers still have ample time to get things in the right order.

Moreover, the ‘Quarantined’ staging of the Wimbledon men’s final would result in some big loss for all the sponsors and organizers. So, the committee has to go through every small or big aspect of the process.

Meanwhile, the organizing committee is ensuring all the help to the local communities via random charitable acts in this pandemic situation. They have currently gone with the free food distribution to over 200 people daily.

Also, approx £750,000 ($970,000) has dispersed to various charities and organizations as donations. Furthermore, 30,000 official Wimbledon towels that were proposed to be used for the 2020 edition have also been auctioned to bring more money for charitable purposes.

So, can we say that Wimbledon seals GS 2021 men’s final quarantined? Well. we have to wait and watch as the mystery is going to unfold by next year only.

Final words

The organizers still have more than 9 months in their hands to get everything in line. So, there’s every reason why we must stay hopeful of witnessing a full-fledged Wimbledon men’s final with the required number of fans around.

Also, a lot would depend on the arrival of a potential vaccine. So, we must certainly keep our fingers crossed. No matter how it goes ahead, we will keep you updated regarding every development right here.


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