Ex-F1 franchise owner brutally criticizes Max Verstappen’s dominance, calling it “deadly boring” than Ferrari’s Michael Schumacher era

Max Verstappen has been dominating the sport for his 3rd consecutive season, winning his 6th race out of 8 last weekend at the Canadian GP, with his daring speed and breathtaking overtakes, the young driver has rapidly become a fan favorite and a strong rival to other drivers.

His rise in F1 began when the driver became the youngest F1 driver to win a race at the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix. Since then, Max has consistently been a Drivers’ Title contender, with 41 race wins and two World Titles under his belt. Alongside his personal accolades, the 25-year-old has achieved milestones for his team Red Bull Racing winning the team’s 100th race in the sport. 

Ex-F1 team owner Eddie Jordan bored with Max Verstappen’s winning streak

Despite his success, many criticize the driver, describing his dominance as ‘boring’. Founder of former F1 team Jordan Grand Prix, Eddie Jordan shared his views on the 2-time world champions’ dominant streak.

Eddie Jordan: 'All racing drivers are full of crap' | Planet F1 : PlanetF1

“Max Verstappen will emerge over time to be the greatest driver of all time,” he said.

Jordan further added, “He’s that good. I don’t like the last couple of races, I have to tell you. I’m bored to death with him. He’s just that good. He’s making it boring, more so than the Schumacher era.”

Jordan compares Verstappen’s’ dominance to Formula 1 Legend Michael Schumacher, who dominated the sport from 1994 to 2004 by winning 7 World Championships and winning 91 races. Schumacher’s’ last race was the 2012 Brazilian GP, in which the German legend finished P7.

Eddie Jordan’s Max Verstappen criticism sees brutal outrage from F1 fans

Eddie Jordan’s views received a harsh reaction from F1 fans, outraged fans voiced their disagreement on Twitter. Some fans claim the former F1 team owner lacks the patience to appreciate the dominance of a driver, while others accused Jordan of favoring Lewis Hamilton over the Red Bull driver.


Fans defended Verstappen claiming they can ‘never be bored’ of his dominance in the sport, speaking highly of the driver’s ability to lead almost every lap and his skillful driving.

Despite the criticism, it seems quite apparent that the young driver has an exciting future in the sport, leading the 2023 World Championship by 69 points hints Verstappen’s 3rd title win. With Red Bulls home race up next, many fans expect Max to continue his dominating streak.

Do you think F1 drivers like Max Verstappen, and Lewis Hamilton dominating the sport is boring? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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