“New target is 200”: Max Verstappen sets ambitious new record goal following Red Bull’s hundredth F1 win

The Red Bull team has dominated once again, winning every race in the 2023 season and 2-time world champion Max Verstappen only seems to be driving faster. From lights out to chequered flag the Dutch driver comfortably led the race winning his 41st race this season.

The 25-year-old has also won his team their 100th race, making Red Bull Racing the 5th team in to win a century of F1 races in history. The driver looks forward to continuing his dominance and has set new goals for himself and his team.

Max Verstappen sets sights on new F1 milestone

After setting a Red Bull Milestone at the Canadian GP, Verstappen joked about deserving a new contract. The driver cheerily praised his achievement with the team, and that he is enjoying driving for the team. 

“I’ve won 41 of them! We’ll talk about maybe a new contract because of that!” said the driver.  

“No, honestly, it’s a great achievement for the team. We knew that this was the first opportunity, of course, to do so, and I’m happy that’s done,” said Max.

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His trouble-free P1 at the Canadian GP extended the Dutch Drivers’ position in the 2023 World Championship by 69 points ahead of stable mate, Sergio Perez, who finished 6th.

Max Verstappen has won 6 out of the 8 races in the season so far, the driver shared future goals he has set for himself and the team.

“We’ve won 100. But again, I hope we win more than 100,”

“So the new target is 200.”

Verstappen’s ambitious determination to continue his winning streak and achieve further success in collaboration with Red Bull Racing.

Who has the most wins with Red Bull?

Red Bull Racing is no stranger to having a talented driver in their car, previous drivers for the team have been Daniel Ricciardo, who won 7 races with the team including his infamous win at the 2016 Monaco GP.

Another talented Australian, Mark Webber has also driven for the team, winning all 9 races of his career with Red Bull. His infamous rivalry with teammate Sebastian Vettel is well-known including the controversial 2013 Malaysian GP in which both drivers fiercely battled each other for P1.

The German Driver, Sebastian Vettel won 4 consecutive world titles with the team, before moving to Ferrari. Vettel has won 53 races, 38 of which were with Red Bull, and is ranked 3rd in the all-time Formula One Grand Prix winners’ list.

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Verstappen overtook Vettel after his win in the 2023 Monaco GP and after his 41st win at the Canadian GP, he is also the driver with the most wins for Red Bull.

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