How much will ATP Finals winner take home? Breaking down prize pool, payouts for the season-ending championship

It is that time of the year! If you’re a layman, it could mean Christmas, but in an ardent tennis fan’s eyes, it means the year-ending ATP Finals are here. The Nitto ATP Finals is a major tournament in the career of a tennis player, as not only does it provide one with a healthy paycheck and a bucket load of ATP points, but it also gives the opportunity to spar with many of the world’s top-ranked players.

Competition breeds greatness and the Nitto ATP Finals is upping its game in terms of prize pool and payouts to ensure that when the elite players gather together, they will play with high stakes on the line.

ATP Finals prize pool and payouts

Back in November 2022, Novak Djokovic relinquished his world no. 1 ranking to the new kid on the block, Carlos Alcaraz, and headed into the Nitto ATP Finals with doubts over his greatness. Nevertheless, the Serbian proved his worth and won the title along with $4,740,300 in cash and 500 ATP points.

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This year, the event stays in Turin, Italy but the stakes are higher. The winner is set to take home $4,801,500, provided they do not lose any of their round-robin matches. The prize is a whopping $61,200 higher than what Djokovic got in 2022.

If the players falter in the group stages and still go on to win the tournament, they will earn $4,411,500 in cash prizes. The runners-up, given that they don’t lose any group stage matches, will earn $2,600,500 and as for the rest who fail to reach the final, they could earn as much as $1,495,500 for their week’s effort. Overall, the prize pot is $15 million, compared to $14.75 million last year.

The 2023 ATP Finals will take place November 13–20 at Pala Alpitour in Italy, and defending champions Djokovic, Alcaraz, Daniil Medvedev and Jannik Sinner have booked their spots. Alcaraz was in doubt after recent setbacks, but the Spaniard took to social media to provide encouraging information on his appearance.

With the top-8-ranked players set to participate in the ATP Finals, the rest of the chasing pack, who have yet to confirm their presence, will battle it out in Europe, where crucial ATP points are up for grabs. Based on the results, the rest of the players will be confirmed before the tournament starts.

Alcaraz provides update ahead of ATP Finals

Carlos Alcaraz, who recently relinquished his world no. 1 tag to Djokovic, was confirmed in August to participate in the ATP Finals. However, after the US Open and the Asian leg of the hardcourt tournaments, Alcaraz threw caution to the wind over his appearance.

Nevertheless, now he has finally provided a positive and final update on his participation in the event and has confirmed his presence. This update is a major boost to tennis fans, who will get to witness yet another saga in the Novak-Carlos rivalry.

The pair of maverick stars of tennis have enthralled viewers with electrifying tennis over the course of 2023 and another feather to either one’s cap will culminate what has been a successful season for both of them.

Yet another agenda on both players’ minds would be to either secure the world no. 1 tag or reclaim it, in Alcaraz’s case. With the Paris Masters providing an opportunity for the Spaniard to claim valuable points, the Nitto ATP Finals will serve as a perfect opportunity to end the year on a high.

What are your opinions on the ATP Finals’ roster? Will we get to see another Novak-Carlos clash? Let us know in the comments section below.


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