“I hate to say this he was on fire” WWE Legend Dutch Mantell reveals Undertaker’s terrifying brush with death

WWE’s entrance is a major source of entertainment. There are only a few that everyone remembers when it comes to entrances. The Undertaker is one of the few.

However recently, “Story Time with Dutch Mantel” revealed a shocking truth about the past, a horrifying entrance that nearly killed Deadman.

The WWE places a significant emphasis on grand entrances. Everyone has their own special way of entering the room, during which they rile up the audience. However, there are just a select few of them that have remained regular fan favorites. Like, Randy Orton The Viper, “Seth Freakin’ Rollins,” “John Cina,” “The Rock,” “The Undertaker,” “Triple H,” and so on are some of the names that have been mentioned.

The reason why Taker’s entrance stood out the most is that it was something that shocked everyone in the stadium. Along with the iconic bell, his entrance also included strobe lights, a pitch-black arena, and fire shooting from the floor, all of which were unforgettable and gave spectators the chills. It’s also one of the reasons why the Undertaker is so memorable.

During a recent episode of “Story Time with Dutch Mantel,” Dutch discussed the notorious WWE elimination chamber from 2010. Shockingly, Taker got burned on that particular day as the pyrotechnics had failed, leaving him helpless against the flames. The Deadman nearly escaped his tragic death.

More on that note, Mantel stated, “I’m not sure of this, but he stood right over it because he was going down the ramp, correct? And I think the pyrotechnics were coming up underneath him. I don’t know if he walked through this. But The Undertaker didn’t make a lot of mistakes, but I think they lit it underneath him and kind of lit him on fire for a second. ” He also added, “That’s why he had to get those jackets off so quickly and I heard when he was back in that dressing room that night he was, I hate to say this, he was on fire.”

Later, after the incident, WWE fired one of the staff members who was in charge of the fireworks. Because Taker is too valuable and important for WWE, and Undertaker was upset and enraged by what took place.


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