“I have to be flexible and adaptable” Mavs’ Kyrie Irving shares incredibly honest take on early obstacles playing alongside new teammate Luka Doncic

Playing in a new environment with a new teammate is always difficult for anyone, and when the person in question is the infamous Kyrie Irving, may need some time to break the ice.

The super star joined the Dallas Mavericks just before the trade deadline after creating a dramatic thriller while leaving the Brooklyn Nets. However, his unique and unapologetic behavior might come as a barrier to getting along with a new teammate.

There are many polite, humble stars who weren’t willing to sacrifice their egos or compromise their taken-for-granted expectations, but unlike them, the former Nets star realized the harsh truth.

What did Kyrie Irving say regarding his new team?

Earlier in the all-star weekend, the Mavericks’ point guard shared his thoughts in an interview. The interviews go into great detail about life after joining the Mavericks. In a response to his future plans in Dallas, the 30-year-old revealed shocking information about himself.

“I wish we could have training camp together where you guys don’t see some of our mistakes, but we’re living it out in front of you guys,” Irving shared his view. “So for me I just have to prepare to be an incredible teammate, of course, but also be selfless enough to change my approach game to game. I have to be flexible and adaptable.”

kyrie irving luka doncic
Mavericks question how Kyrie Irving’s personality would fit with Luka Doncic. (credit:nypost)

The eight-time NBA all-star also added, “It’s a fresh trade, so it’s going to be a figuring-out process. I wouldn’t call it trouble. I just—you know, we’ve dealt with some ups and downs throughout live games, and that’s our only way we can really grow.”

Since his arrival with the Mavericks, the team has won the first two games; however, it has suffered three consecutive defeats, with another superstar, Luka Doncic, joining him. As a result, speculation about the duo’s compatibility as teammates arose.

It appears that the 2016 NBA champion has taken the high road, which is surprising given that he made his name by refusing to apologize in several previous incidents involving his coach and a controversial tweet.

What do you think about Kyrie Irving’s new perspective? Does this change of mind help his future partnership with Luka Doncic? Share your opinion with us in the comment section.


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