“I hope we will play soccer together in the sky” Pelé’s wish before Maradona died finally comes true

Following the passing of two of the sport’s most inspirational characters in the 20th century—Pele, the indisputable king who lost his battle with colon cancer in Sao Paolo, and Maradona, the legendary footballer of Argentina, has assembled a very dark cloud over the sky as far as football world are concerned.

Pele’s condition deteriorated rapidly at Albert Einstein Hospital, where he had been admitted for surgery in November after he suffered kidney and lung difficulties.

The announcement that the iconic figure had passed away despite all the efforts of his loved ones and medical professionals spread earlier today, with confirmation coming first from his daughter.

Pele has always been a big admirer of Latin football and was obsessed with Argentine football legend Diego Maradona, whom he considered his younger brother.

Maradona died in November 2020 from heart failure, which shocked the world as he had millions of fans and followers all over the world, and it also brought Pele to tears.

Pele had always wanted to spend more time with Maradona, and after Diego’s death, the Brazilian wished to reunite with him and play football in the sky. What a spectacle that would have been!

To the fan’s dismay, both legends have left their past memories behind and are now in paradise, where they will meet, share a hug, and perhaps play a game, laughing and remaining together for all eternity.

Whether Pele will whisper in Maradona’s ear how Messi and Argentina lifted the trophy which can lead to celebrations in heaven is uncertain, but the memories exchanged between the two icons will forever be a moment for fans and admirers to preserve and enjoy.


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