Pelé health update: Family gather at hospital, posts heartbreaking video of Brazilian legend on deathbed

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, family members of the legendary Brazilian soccer player Pele have gathered at the Albert Einstein hospital. Since late November, the 82-year-old, largely regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time, has been hospitalized.

We might presume that Pele is on the verge of losing his battle with cancer, and that his condition is deteriorating as time passes at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Sao Paulo.

Family members are really concerned as they recently expressed their anxiety towards the situation and trying their level best to comfort the “King of Football” as best as they can.

Pele is struggling with Colon Cancer that forced him to be hospitalized long after he was initially infected by a tumor on his colon, which was removed in September but led to the spread of the oncovirus.

Recent reports indicated that Pele was recovering well, and doctors were optimistic about his recovery. However, within a few days, the entire situation changed as he was noticed to be unaware of what was going on around him. Whether or not the situation spiraled out of control is a question on everyone’s mind.


Kely Nascimento, daughter of Pele, uploaded a photo in which she appeared anxious and worried. On Instagram, Pele’s son offered his father his strength on a post.

All of the world’s greatest athletes, including Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, send their thoughts and prayers to the Brazilian legend in the hope that he can conquer cancer and return to the field of play.


Pele will spend Christmas in the hospital, and his entire family will be there to support the former World Cup champion. In a matter of days, we shall know how he is doing; in the meantime, we hope for his recovery and another victory, this time over Mighty cancer.

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