NFL playoff picture: Packers’ triumph over Dolphins changes the course of several NFL playoff battles completely

The NFL regular season is becoming more intense as the postseason is approaching closer. Every match opens up new possibilities for potential playoff matchups based on league standings. Recently, Green Bay Packers’ win over Miami Dolphins jeopardized the current picture.

The Dolphins’ start was so dominant that the Packers looked like losers after the first half, but the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers wasn’t ready to give up the game. His stunning performance in the second half didn’t give the opponent any space to score. The QB finished the game with 34 passes for 238 yards and one touchdown.

How does the current playoff probability look like?

With the win by the Packers, the standing got a heavy shock, as many teams are contesting neck to neck. Green bay’s possibility increased by 27% but to reach the postseason they have to depend on the result of other games like Commanders vs. Cleveland and Dallas, Lions vs. Chicago, and Seahawks vs. Jets and Rams.

NFL playoff picture Packers Dolphins
The Green Bay Packers have a legit shot at the playoffs with the win over the Dolphins. (credit:Getty)

The AFC playoffs, on the other hand, became more intriguing following the loss of the Dolphins. They have two more games against the Jets and Patriots to ensure a playoff spot, with only one win necessary. However, the Jets’ and Patriots’ hope to be alive if they can win against Miami. The Chargers, Steelers and Raiders also need to win to get into postseason.

With so many conditions, there are still several ifs and buts to control the future of the postseason. In this slippery slope, no team can afford to lose anymore. It appears to be a wild ending to the regular NFL season.

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