Viral video of Green Bay Packers’ fan pushed to fall from upper level in NFL rivalry match vs Chicago Bears

Any match between longstanding rivals is always intense and full of weird incidents, and the Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears game is no exception. On December 5, the rivalry match between the two teams at Soldier Field ended in favor of the visiting team.

No matter how the match went, fans always managed to find innovative ways to make the headlines. Prior to the excitement and intensity, the NFL world is eager to entertain itself with these infamous occurrences, which often take an ugly turn.

The recent match of Bears vs. Packers was also able to deliver such a weird incident. In a viral Twitter video, a huge man wearing a Packers sweatshirt was seen falling down steps in the middle of the game.

Previously, a man in a bear’s hat was seen approaching the upper section’s metal barrier and approaching the packer sweatshirt man, wrapping his hand around the big man, and a tussle ensued. Before anyone interrupted them, the Packers fan started rolling down the rows. However, he managed to get up quickly to finish what he had started.

Two fans engaged in an altercation during the Green Bay Packers’ win over the Chicago Bears in early December. Credit: Twitter / @POLESPLSEAT
A man in a Bears hat threw another fan, wearing a Packers sweatshirt and a Bears scarf, down the stairs at Soldier Field. Credit: Twitter / @POLESPLSEAT
The man who tumbled down the stairs then got back up and continued arguing with the other match-goer. Credit: Twitter / @POLESPLSEAT

As the video ended, we couldn’t find out why they started the fight or what happened afterwards. Curiosity lets fans speculate over social media.

Furthermore, there were no statements from any officials of the stadium authority or police. It seems there were no injuries or nasty consequences after all. This left us with only this amusing square off and laughter.


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