Will Lakers go for trade to make up for Anthony Davis injury and other issues?

The Los Angeles Lakers are in a peculiar situation in the middle of the season with several injuries and struggling players, holding the 13th seed in the Western Conference. They have lots of options in the offseason for reprimanding the lacking to ensure playoffs.

Anthony Davis injury

In the injury saga, Anthony Davis is a heavy name, as the center suffered a foot injury in the match against the Denver Nuggets. He is still unavailable in the foreseeable future which causes some uncertainty in the Lakers’ trading maneuver.

In this situation, Davis seemed to be a burden on Lakers management, and it would be no surprise if the board considered him replaceable. With a history of injury and a lack of fitness, the 29-year-old is yet to prove his worth.

Potential replacement of AD

The Lakers have plenty of choices in the place of AD; Thomas Bryant, and the reserve already shown some promise. However, an inside source hinted they might go for Cam Reddish, the New York Knicks’ promising youngster.

Cam joined the Knicks earlier this year after being selected as the eighth overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft by the Atlanta Hawks. The 23-year-old has already shown his class, and the price might help him move forward with the rumored trade in the offseason.

Lakers offseason trade rumors

On this slippery slope, the Lakers need to reconstruct the team if they want to have a shot at the playoffs. Words on the street is Russell Westbrook likely to leave the team after a somewhat questionable role. The 34-year-old guard was supposed to be a vital part of the team, but he appears to be an unfit piece of the puzzle.

There is also another rumbling about LeBron James, as the superstar is having trouble in his current condition. With Anthony’s injury and coaches’ inconsistent tactics, the King James is possibly put a trade request again.

Overall, the LA Lakers are in a tight position during the trade window. Authorities has to take a decision after consulting with coaches, players, and other parties. They still have time until the February 9 trade deadline. In the meantime, you can let us know your thoughts on the matter.


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