‘If you don’t play well, admit it’ NBA legend Magic Johnson brutally criticizes Russell Westbrook for underperformance

Legendary Los Angeles Lakers player Magic Johnson has some advice for Russell Westbrook, which doesn’t include fighting back against the naysayers.

In a podcast, Johnson gave Westbrook some fairly uncompromising advice as the American professional deals with his current situation with the Lakers. The legendary player highlighted the need for “accountability” should be in first place for Russ. Hence, his performance should be a perfect response to the critics.

Westbrook, a 33-year-old guard, has been directly criticized by critics for the Purple and Gold’s struggles this season, but a few former and current NBA players have stood by him through this trying time and predict a dramatic return.

Magic suggested, “If you don’t play well, admit it. Stop trying to fight the media and the fans and go out and perform,” 

The five-time NBA champion’s dismal performance in the 1984 NBA Finals loss to the Boston Celtics earned him the moniker “Tragic Magic” from Sharpe and Johnson.

“When I didn’t perform well in ’84 against the Celtics, I admitted that. I took accountability,” Johnson responded. “I said, ‘Hey, I didn’t perform well. I was the reason why the Lakers lost that series.’ And I had to say to myself I’ve got to get better.”

Johnson went on further saying, “So what did I do? I went out that whole summer I trained hard and got better, and then we played them again in ’85. Man, I was on fire. We won. You didn’t hear that no more.”

Moreover, the Lakers legend also critiqued Westbrook’s demeanor, saying the shooter should stop arguing with the refs and start focusing on the game.


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