“I knew you were crazy” Devin McCourty recalls hilarious moment with Tom Brady after announcing retirement from NFL

Former New England Patriots player Devin McCourty announced his retirement from the NFL on Friday, prompting a message from his former teammate, Tom Brady.

The legendary quarterback congratulated McCourty on his retirement, calling him a “New England legend” and noting that McCourty’s career had outlasted his own by a month.

McCourty responded to Brady’s message by thanking him and reminiscing about a hilarious moment from their rookie year. “At this moment rookie year I knew you were crazy,” McCourty said, referring to a time when Brady almost knocked him out. The moment perfectly captured the humor and camaraderie that defined the pair’s time together on the Patriots.

What were the highlights of the career of Devin McCourty in the NFL?

McCourty’s retirement marks the end of a remarkable 13-year career, all of which was spent with the New England Patriots. During that time, McCourty won three Super Bowls and was selected for two Pro Bowls. He was also a key player in the Patriots’ dynasty, known for his clutch plays in the secondary that helped the team secure victories.

Meanwhile, Brady announced his own retirement in February after playing his final season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His retirement came after an illustrious career that spanned over two decades, during which he won seven Super Bowls and cemented his status as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. His final game came in the NFC Wild Card round, where the Buccaneers lost to the Dallas Cowboys.

Devin McCourty

As Devin McCourty and Tom Brady move on to the next chapters of their lives, fans will forever remember the moments of humor, camaraderie, and excellence that defined their time together on the New England Patriots. Although their careers may have ended, their legacies will live on as a testament to their incredible talent and dedication to the game.


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