“I know people that were scared of LeBron James”: Draymond Green takes no prisoners in scathing King James defense against Mario Chalmers

Draymond Green took a hand for LeBron James on criticism of Mario Chalmers,  mentioning James as a devastating player of the NBA. James was Mario’s teammate when they both played for South Beach, thus his remarks have caused quite a stir.

LeBron James Breaks NBA Scoring Record, Passes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – Rolling Stone

King James is frequently compared to Michael Jordan in discussions about the best basketball player in history despite having won two Olympic gold medals, four MVP awards, four Finals MVP awards, and four MVP trophies overall.

James heads the LeBron James Family Foundation and has established an elementary school, housing complex, retail plaza, and medical facility in Akron, keeps himself active off the court as well.

What was Chamlers’ distressing comment on LeBron James?

Mario Chalmers, a former Miami Heat point guard, and Shaquille O’Neal discussed LeBron two days ago on the “In Shambles” podcast. By comparing James to stars like Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, and Michael Jordan and saying that James is not like them, they were intentionally trying to pull the leg of James.

Lebron’s playing abilities were denigrated by these two former players when they said that nobody on the court fears him. 

Chalmers is now under a lot of fire for his stupid remark about King James. The Los Angle Leakers’ athlete was the league MVP numerous times, in comparison, Chalmers was in and out of the league in nine years without making any notable contributions. From such a wise and experienced individual, fans never anticipate a statement.

Draymond’s great retort to Mario Chalmers’ criticism of James

Mario’s claim gained additional attention on Friday when it was covered on “The Draymond Green Show.” As a guest of Draymond in this episode, Tristan Thompson was there. Throughout the conversation, both sportsmen expressed their surprise at the claims made by former Miami athletes. 

The statement from the PG infuriated Draymond Magic and advised him to keep in mind that James was once a teammate of his with whom they had fought for the championship.

 ‘I disagree with Mario’s statement. It’s your teammate. That’s the guy you went to war with. That’s the guy you won championships with.”

Although Green did not identify any players particularly, he emphasized that many players are quite afraid of King James. Why won’t it be? By winning his third and fourth NBA MVP awards, two MVP awards for the Finals, and two titles, LeBron maintained his dominance and dispelled any lingering doubts about his skill.

“On the flip side like, bro, I personally know people that were scared of LeBron James. I know a bunch of people who were and are in fact terrified of LeBron James. I’ve seen it. At times I’ve had teammates that were terrified of LeBron James.”

Thompson did not remain silent in response to Green. He severely chastised Chalmers, pointing out that the 290-pound man was able to leap over his opponent and score with ease.

“How are you gonna say that no one First of all, Miami LeBron is the scariest LeBron we’ve ever seen in our life. That Bron was like 290 (pounds) running a 4-4 and jumping over John Lucas and stuff. That was athleticism at a whole other level. – like, how can you say that?”

With respect for James shared by Green and Thompson, it is certain why James is regarded as the King of the NBA!


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