“I like big boys” Ex-NFL star wife Jessie James Decker flexes her muscles lifting her husband Eric Decker off the ground

Eric Decker, a former NFL player, retired in 2018, but he continues to make headlines in an unexpected way thanks to his wife, Jessie James Decker.

Eric and Jessie met through a mutual friend back in 2011 and got engaged just after one year. Later that year, in June 2013, they married and became parents to five children.

What did Eric and Jessie James Decker do?

In a recent Instagram post, Jessie flexed her muscles by lifting her 6.3 foot and 98 kg husband, Eric, with a caption written, “I like big boys 😏.” Later in the video, Eric also lifted Jessie, and that made the 34-year-old singer super cheery.


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Jessie has been a super athletic mom so far. Their children also showed off their amazing athletic bodies, which were heavily criticized and mocked by netizens. though the pop singer-songwriter published a video of their children in free time, saying, “I’m proud of my children and encourage them to live their dreams.”


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She claims that having a perfect body figure is not the ultimate goal, but that being healthy in general is. She also attends gyms frequently, as his strength in lifting speaks for itself. Lifting up an NFL player is not a matter of fake words.

Ex-NFL Eric Decker wife Jessie James Decker
Vacation Decker style💪🥥🌴 (credit:Instagram)

His husband, Eric, played for the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets in his prime time. Later, he joined the Tennessee Titans and the New England Patriots, but due to a shoulder injury, he was unable to prove his worth on the 100-yard dash. The receiver retired shortly after that.

Her wife, Jessie James Decker, on the other hand, continued her music career. She recently released her new song ‘I Still Love You’ on YouTube.

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