Dallas Mavericks waives former All-Star Kemba Walker before guaranteed contract timeline

Four-time NBA all-star Kemba Walker played a short period of time this season for the Dallas Mavericks due to his knee injury. He signed a one-year non-guaranteed deal with the Mavericks on November 28 of last year.

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Walker’s knee trouble is nothing new, as the 32-year-old has received regular treatment since the early 2021–2022 season. He couldn’t even make it with the Brooklyn Nets or the Detroit Pistons. Despite the fact that he appears to have been released by the Mavericks in the middle of the season, The former NCAA champion started his career with the Charlotte Hornets in 2011 after being picked 9th overall in the draft.

kemba walker
Kemba Walker returns against Heat after collision (credit:celtic)

How did the Dallas Mavericks let Kemba Walker go?

The Mavericks waived Kemba just one day before his contract became fully guaranteed last night. The point guard played only nine games in his six-week stint with the Mavericks. If the contract goes through, Kemba would receive $2.2 million for this season.

In his nine appearances, he only started one, played 16 minutes per game, and scored 8 points on average with 1.8 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game. His only start against the Cleveland Cavaliers delivered a 32-point game with five assists and five rebounds. However, the Cavaliers managed to get a hard one-point win.

How is the Dallas Mavericks season so far?

After last game, the Dallas Mavericks fell to fourth place in the Western Conference, snapping a seven-game winning streak. They have a favorable odometer for the postseason playoffs. To ensure a healthy run for the rest of the season, they might start 20-year-old youngster Jaden Hardy or another guard, McKinley Wright IV, instead of the unfit Kemba Walker.

After 12 long seasons, this veteran might hang up the boots if his health doesn’t support him anymore. There are no doubts about the ability of the player, as he often proves himself whenever he is 100% fit. Before signing for the Mavericks, Kemba said, “I have more in the tank for sure.”

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