“I was just making jokes” Lionel Messi’s brother seeks apology for bizarrely claiming Barcelona only famous due to Argentine superstar

Matias Messi came to the limelight after publicly criticizing Barcelona and the Blaugrana president Juan Laporta as indicating a move back to Catalonia has never been an option for Messi.

Lionel Messi left Barcelona in 2021 and joined PSG on two years deal that will be ended in 2023 and the Argentine seems unlikely to extend the contract made the Barcelona Camp excited again.

Barcelona let Messi go after the board failed to register him due to La Liga’s financial fair play rule and somehow it felt like a betrayal of the legacy carried by Messi.

Matias believed the board should have acted otherwise as they should have let Laporta go, and Messi stay with the club and later slammed the Barcelona President. The brother of Messi also claimed that Barcelona was nothing without Leo Messi.

However, after the news went viral, the Argentine felt he shouldn’t have said that and came up with an apology.

“I want to apologize for what I said on social networks: I was just making jokes with my son and my friends. How am I going to think that of a club as big as Barcelona and their history, which has given a lot both to my family and Leo?” Lionel Messi’s brother Matias wrote on Instagram.

“For us, Catalonia is our second home and that is well known. I’m very sorry and I apologize to everyone, especially the Barcelona fans. Finally, I want to say that I’m only on the Instagram social network,” he added.

Messi is Barcelona’s all-time leading scorer, surpassing the previous record-holder, Cesar Rodriguez, in March 2012 and the Argentine little magician has won the Pichichi Trophy (awarded to La Liga’s top scorer) a record 7 times.

Messi scored the most Goals in a Calendar Year after netting 91 goals for Barcelona in 2012, breaking the previous record held by Gerd Muller. The World Cup winner also holds the record for most goals scored in a single season with 73 in 2011-2012.



Messi has a long-lasting love for the Catalonia club, and he would never like the words that his brother Matias told in front of the live stream with his son where he claimed that Barcelona was famous due to the Argentine superstar.

Barcelona board was quick to remind Matias that without the club and without Lionel Messi where he would have been as the brother of Messi understands the scenario and seeks an apology.


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