LeBron James’ biggest fan Rihanna breaking NBA Scoring record with her tribute

LeBron James surpassed Kareem Abdul-career Jabbar’s total of 38,387 to become the NBA’s all-time top scorer. The accomplishment was done by the Lakers’ star in his 1410th career game. However, his 38 points were not enough to give Los Angeles the victory. Oklahoma won 133-130. Among many other fans and celebrities, Rihanna also sent out a video to congratulate the Lakers’ star on his big day.

Rihanna revealed what made her a LeBron fan. This singer has shown the proof of being a loyal fan of Lakers from time to time. The flood of well wishes from the celebrities is justified. LeBron has done something that deserves all of the world’s admiration. And these celebs know this and have joined in the celebration of his remarkable effort. Even President Joe Biden complimented LeBron on his outstanding achievement.

“I would never ever in a million years dreamt this even better than what it is tonight,” James said. “I just want to say thank you to the Laker faithful. You guys are one of a kind. To be able to be in the presence of such a legend as great as Kareem, it’s very humbling.”

LeBron broke the record with seconds remaining in the third quarter. He hugged his mother, wife, and children who were watching from the stands. The game was called off, and a celebration followed. Before a video tribute to his legendary career was aired, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar honored the Lakers player.

After passing Kareem, LeBron’s next stop is going to be the 40,000 milestones. With his longevity on the field with his athleticism and explosive raw power still intact at 38, he has a good chance of reaching the 40,000 mark before the end of his career.

He has already done a great deal. However, once he reaches 40,000, he will be decades ahead of any and all rivals. There might not be anyone who can break LBJ’s scoring record.


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