“It’s a testament to his hard work, longevity, and his great skill” NBA HOF Michael Jordan gives a slight jab at LeBron James

Micheal Jordan is one of the NBA’s living legends, so when he says something, people tend to take a deep dive and try to understand MJ’s words. However, looking at things from different angles sometimes might not bring out the actual meaning. Rather, it can mislead people in other directions, which may contradict the actual message. 

Earlier on Wednesday, the Lakers took on the Thunder. In that match, LeBron James was the “star of the show,” even though the Lakers lost the game. James was crowned as the “King” of the NBA as he broke Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record for most points in the league. 

After the L-Train reached the milestone, fans, celebrities, and legends, including Jordan, congratulated James. Yet fans were quick to notice something fishy in MJ’s message and made the tweet of Michael Jordan viral, sending a completely different interpretation. 

What did Michael Jordan say in his congratulatory message?

Michael J. Babcock, MJ, in his congratulatory message to LeBron, said, “Congratulations to LeBron on this incredible achievement. It’s a testament to his hard work, longevity, and his great skill.”

Although the message expressed Jordan’s appreciation towards James’s hard work, fans only focused on one word, “longevity.” Fans made theories from Jordan’s quote, saying he wanted to take a jab at King James.

The fans did not stop there; they even pointed out that MJ played fewer matches than the L-Train and took even fewer shots. So, it was easy for someone like LeBron to achieve the most points as he played for a long time. Indeed, the facts are true: Michael averaged over thirty points in eight seasons, but the Akron Hammer only achieved the average three times. One of those seasons is the current one. 

Whether or not Michael Jordan wanted to take a shot as the new NBA scoring leader remains a mystery. However, as he has the time to do it, Lebron will continue to rise and score more points.

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