Watch: Alexander Volkanovski, other fighters pay tribute to Australian Aboriginal traditions ahead of UFC 284 at Perth

Just like all the other countries in the world, Australia to has its fair share of cultures and traditions. Fighters like Alexander Volkanovski, Robert Whittaker, Israel Adesanya Tai Tuivasa, etc. all belong to the Australian continent. So it didn’t come as much of a shock when some of these fighters were seen honoring the aboriginal culture there.

What culture is Alexander Volkanovski honoring?

Let’s talk a little history here, The Aboriginals are known as the people who have lived on the mainland for an estimated 50,000+ years. Eventually, the land was colonized by the White Colonizers who initially did not take to kindly to the harsh weather and the diverse yet deadly that roamed the land and waterbody.

But they were not about to leave such a vast amount of newfound land unused. So they decided to use this island nation as a prison for criminals they deemed deserving enough. As the recurring story of humanity goes, these prisoners began to settle in the locale in an attempt to survive in a humane manner and pretty much established a country.

The war against the local aboriginal people was present pretty much from the start as neither the Colonizers nor the original residents liked each other much. Multiple genocides took place over a span of many years and the aboriginals suffered a great loss not just in numbers but in other ways too.

Despite the heinous attempts by the Oppressors, the culture of the Aboriginal people never got truly demolished. And now we see Alex and some of his peers pay tribute to the ancient culture ahead of his fight against Islam Makhachev for the Pound-for-Pound number 1 status.

Both fighters have been threatening each other in ways of their own and should the fight actually take place, it will probably be a spectacular one.

UFC 284 goes down on February 11th in Perth, Australia.


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