Watch: Heavyweight AyJay Hintz KO’s opponent by delivering most brutal Power Slap Knockout

There were people arguing both for and against Dana White’s power slap league even before the promotion had launched. There were concerns involving health risks, proper payments, and CTE alongside interest over highlight-worthy knockouts. Now Power Slapping Heavyweight AyJay Hintz’s KO of his opponents proves a lot of these points right.

Currently, the new promotion is going through the ‘Road to the Title’ structure where slappers are competing for a spot at the finale. The finale show is scheduled to take place at the UFC Apex in Vegas on March 11th with ‘four’ weight class finalists trying to knock each other out for the grand prize.

So far only four divisions are scheduled to compete in the finals which include Welterweight, Middleweight, Light-heavyweight, and Heavyweight. There will also be a little shoutout to the ‘TUF’ program of the UFC where the two leading coaching heads Darius ‘The Destroyer’ Mata-Varona and ‘Wolverine’ Ron Bata will be the main challengers for heavyweight glory.

Episode 4 of the current season saw heavyweight AyJay Hintz take on Russel Rivero after he moved down a weight class to fight in a catchweight bout at the light heavyweight division. Ayjay had already knocked out a legend of the sport Frank ‘The Tank’ Holland just to get inside the house and now he delivers his second impressive knockout.

His opponent’s face changed after receiving the slap in full force and we can see the impact spreading if we check the clip in slow motion. Dana White was on the spot and he reacted with a mix between shock and excitement. The victorious slapper appeared for a post-fight interview where he had some very curious things to say.

Hintz wanted to climb his way to the top instead of rushing which is a very clever tactic. He also told all the slap fighters in his target division to enjoy their time before he (Ayjay) arrives.


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