“I will be the king” Shaquille O’Neal’s revelation of his 2032 ambitions comes as shock

Former NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal never ceases to surprise anybody when it comes to adding more millions to the millions he already has. He has already established himself as one of the finest businessmen. It came as a shock to the fans when he revealed that he has his future planned ahead, at least until the age of 60.

O’Neal has achieved success outside of basketball since ending his 19-year career in that sport in 2011. The 50-year-old was an early Google investor who has since amassed a broad portfolio that includes holdings in Apple, 17 Auntie Anne’s, 40 gyms, and more than 100 Five Guys restaurants.

Interestingly, he already has a plan in place for his 60th birthday in 2032. During an interview with Shaq on The Big Podcast, he discussed his goals of ruling Florida’s nursing homes for the elderly.

Moreover, it seems he already has the plot purchased. When NFL legend Spice Adams asked whether Shaq has already thought of a location, he said, “Bro, I already bought the unit.” Shaq said, “Oh no, that’s gonna be an old folks home I check myself into. I’m checking myself in at 60!” He further elaborated, “At 58 I’m gonna start the construction to make it big like I want it. I got two units, two thousand feet because I will be the king of the old folks home.”

According to reports, Shaquille O’Neal has already purchased units at the Villages of Florida, and he has enormous ideas for the senior living community. On the subject of becoming the boss of operations, he disclosed his intentions. He discussed his plans of becoming the king of old folk’s home in Florida.

It’s not a surprise to the fans that Shaq will forever be a king, both on and off the court, no matter where he goes. What’s your thought on his plan for 2032? Share with us in the comment.

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